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New Thinking on Boat Sharing

Well shipmates that’s another month of OTT weather, but on the few occasions the boats went out reports that the Sailfish were still in abundance and one boat claiming a triple hook-up with 2 released and 1 lost just off the stern. Nice going guys. As boat owner/operators are continually […]

Duyfken Phuket Fishing

September Fishing Banter

This month’s yarn starts with a trip back in time, back to 1606 when Williem Janszoon (Australia’s Columbus) was the first European to discover Australia on a little “privateer” called DUYFKEN, “Dutch for Little Dove” making this cute little ship the Aussie equivalent of the Mayflower, Santa Maria or  Mary […]

Thailand Classic 2017 fishing tournament

The Thailand Classic 2017

Once again me Hearties the weather kept the boats mainly in port and the fishing was as fickle as a catching a good internet connection. I have it on good authority that next years “Classic 17” Fishing Competition is altering its venue from the Similan Islands, (outside the exclusion zone), […]

Thailand fishing July

July Phuket Fishing Report

Hi once again me fellow Fisheroos, Once more, me old shipmates, fishing was curtailed by the weather and on the one trip out, toward the end of the month, we had one hit from a Sail which lasted all of 3 minutes and nothing else. Great to be out again […]

Phuket Big Game Fishing

June Fishing News

Well Shipmates That’s us passed the second month of the monsoon season (June) and once again conditions meant fishing was limited to a few days between some pretty serious squalls. I am often asked “What’s the best time of the year for fishing.”  To which I regularly reply. “Get out […]

Phuket big game fishing

Hot Water

Ahoy me Hearties As an obvious observation “it’s been HOT very Hot” and while I hopefully, correctly explained the El Nino affect in an article a couple of months ago, in relation to our game fishing situation, as of the beginning of the month, it has gone from great to […]

Richelieu Rock

The Ghost of Richelieu Rock

In memory of Laurence Walker. About 20 Ks off the Surin Islands is a place named after the only “Farang” (white foreigner) ever to be in charge of the Thai Navy; Richelieu Rock, one of the top 5 dive sites on earth. So now you can imagine the location, a […]

Another sailfish

Phuket Fishing March 2016

Ahoy me hearties and welcome to another month of Pirate Jimmy’s ramblings. A couple of months ago I wrote about the El Nino affect which unfortunately for the PGFC’s (Phuket Game Fishing Club) annual competition was still causing unseasonal weather which seemed to have lured all the billfish down here […]

Mena 3 at Racha Noi

February Fishing in Phuket, 2016

Hi once again my fellow fisheroos And blistering barnacles what a month February was, more wind than a fishing club committee meeting, but that said, between gusts the fishing continued to be the best in years with most of the boats reporting Sails in abundance. Staying on the subject of […]

Thai crew and fishing rods

January Fishing 2016

Well me Hearties, all the best for 16 and hope you’ve all recovered from the festivities. Last month I wrote about Flying Fish and not to be outdone, this month, Mad Mohally, Barry and the crew of Mena 1 reported numerous sightings of flying Manta Rays, huge rays 4/5 meters […]

December Fishing News 2015

Hi once again me fellow fisheroos. Mid December continued to see some quite serious storms despite the tourism chappie’s claims that it’s now “high” season. Probably a better term would be the “Kite Boarders” windy spring. Ignoring “Christmas” as it is now politically incorrect in my country to mention “Christmas” […]

Sailing into the sunset, Phuket Thailand

November Fishing 2015

Well me hearties, November ended the way it started with the weather still not settling for “high” season. It also started with Queen Akira, the new boat on the “Gottcha” fleet, bagging 4 Sails on her inaugural trip to Koh Ha, while yours truly released 3 Sails landed 2 King […]