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September Fishing Report

Mid-month we were surprised on how many boats went out considering the weather which was only fit for oilskins and sou-westers, this plus the severe lack of tourists not counting the Chinese hoards whose buses in conjunction with the traffic management system exasperates the massive traffic problems at the Chalong […]

You can’t say it’s good without photo evidence

Well blister me barnacles. As the seasonal Westerlies continue unabated, leaving little fishing news to speak of, except for the few brave souls who did go out and reported exceptionally good fishing continues, but returned with no photographic evidence, so I would once again like to turn your attention to […]

A Christmas Tale 2016

Ahoy me Hearties, As it’s that time of year I thought I would repeat an old yarn about a young Thai serving wench of my acquaintance. A few Christmases ago I was asked. “What are you giving me for Christmas?” To which I replied “You’re a Buddhist. Bet you don’t […]

Trolling by hand

October Fishing Review

October, as usual, was never sure of itself as the weather began its annual change from West to East. Yes, it’s now moving into the tourist season, you can tell when the commotion caused by the Harley Davidson’s and the cheap “sporty” 125’s is now being overtaken by the ominous […]