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‘One of the world’s best’

Right now fishing in Phuket has never been better, everything, with the exception of Wahoo, being caught regularly. The island even got a mention in Marlin Magazine, “Phuket, one of the world’s best Sailfishing destinations”. As the month progressed I had the opportunity of going out, luckily rain-free – surprising […]

September Fishing Report

Mid-month we were surprised on how many boats went out considering the weather which was only fit for oilskins and sou-westers, this plus the severe lack of tourists not counting the Chinese hoards whose buses in conjunction with the traffic management system exasperates the massive traffic problems at the Chalong […]

July Phuket Fishing News

Ahoy once again Shipmates Prior to the big mid-month storm, excellent fishing reports came in from Neill C. on Fish Eagle with a good sized Sailfish, Fish Eagle also released a young Black Marlin, while  Ali a pal from Qatar landed a nice King and Queen with Mena 1. and […]

May Fishing in Phuket

Once again shipmates, welcome aboard. The scuttlebutt this month has been few and far between possibly due to the weather and the lack of “fishing” tourists, although that jammy dodger Mateus who pulled last month’s Marlin and the only one who reported in, informed me of a large Sail Fish […]

Deep sea fishing Phuket

July Fishing News

Well me Hearties, July went out with a lot of wind and hiss, didn’t it just. I was out with a couple of South African friends on a four day three night trip round the Koh Ha, Koh Rok, Hin Dang circuit in pretty “lumpy” conditions so much so that […]

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Fishing News Phuket March 2014

Well my fellow Ofishinados, these unrelenting winds refuse to leave our shores and persist much later, beyond the seasonal mid-day doldrums, making our sport much more challenging and downright uncomfortable at times with plenty of burley “sea-sick”, knitting “tangled lines” to the uninitiated and permanently wet shorts. On the few […]

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September Fishing Report

Hi again my Offishinado friends, Well September 2013 was another nondescript month for fishing due to the inclement weather so I have decided to answer the most popular questions that I am regularly asked:- Q. What can I catch and what are the odds of me catching one? A. Without […]