Tuna are the most abundant fish in Phuket waters. The Skipjack (pictured right) also know as the "Bonito" being the most common, although we also have the "Dogtooth", "Longtail" & the sushi favorite "Yellowfin".


The "Marlin" (the "Black Marlin" and the rarer "Blue Marlin"), is the king of our seas and have been landed weighing in excess of 200 kg. Our company works a catch and release policy for all "bill" fish. Unfortunately the large marlins often fight to the death and can take hours to land.


The "Sailfish" is another top fighting fish to be found in our local waters, more common than the marlin above, but still a great fish to catch on any trip.


The "Dorado" is the fastest growing fish in the sea and one of the best to eat. Dorado and chips great or with parsley sauce brilliant, another good catch.


Keep your toes well out of the way when you land our pal the "Barracuda" not a great fighter but once on board needs to be treated with respect.


The Longtom or Crocodile fish is another razor toothed predator to be found in shallow waters around Phuket's many islands.


The "Cobia" also know as the Crab Eater or Ling is a hard fighter and always another one for the camera. Often found around Whale Sharks or large rays it’s one to be proud of.

Rainbow Runner

The "Rainbow Runner" is a beautiful well named fish and quite good eating. Like the Dorado it is often found around flotsom.


The "Queenfish" or Queenie is my personal favorite eating fish, but watch out when landing one the dorsal spikes are very painful, so handle from below.

Giant Trevally

The "Giant Trevally" or GT is a serious fighter and needs to be kept away from the bottom where it will look for snags and obstructions.


The "Wahoo" is another razor toothed beastie which when caught can run at amazing speeds on the surface, a good sized one is a joy to land.

King Mackerel

The "King Mackerel" or Spanish Mackerel is always worth hooking into and is a pretty fair fighter.