Classification of Fishing Boats

Basically there are two types of Big Game Fishing Boats which we call "Fishing Trollers" and "Sports Boats". Fishing trollers are further divided between "budget" and "superior". The Budget Fishing Trollers have no live-aboard accommodation and are therefore only used for day fishing trips around the shores and local waters of Phuket. The Superior Fishing Trollers have on-board accommodation, specialized deep sea angling equipment and are capable of longer range fishing expeditions.

Budget Fishing Trollers

Budget Fishing "Trollers" (not to be confused with "Trawlers", which pull nets) - such as Mena 2, Mena 3 & Mena 5 (4 is unlucky in Thailand), are the traditional Thai boats and single inboard diesel engine vessels with a maximum speed that allows you to fish from departure to arrival.

For safety reasons these craft have a limited range and rarely go beyond Phi Phi, Racha Noi, or the "Drop Off".

Budget Trollers have a toilet and a limited galley (lunch & soft drinks included) but no accommodation and no hotel pick-up /delivery service.

Superior Fishing Trollers

Superior Fishing Trollers (Thai 2 On, & Mena 1), like our "sports boats" carry all the latest safety and navigational equipment, and are appointed to a very high standard. Thai 2 On has onboard accommodation and hotel pick-up & delivery, lunch, snacks and soft drinks all included. Mena 1 is a single engine day fishing superior "budget" boats with no accommodation and no hotel pickup.

Sports Fishing Boats

Sports Fishing Boats such as Choke Dee and Nikita usually have seriously powerful twin inboard engines and as such are capable of 20/30 knots, they will take you where you want to go at speed and are most often used for The Similan Islands with some having extended fuel tanks to cater for The Andaman Islands (India) trips. All these boats have full accommodation but are much more expensive and use copious amounts of fuel. Ultimate Big Game Fishing Boats are Andaman capable.

Please note

All our trips require a 50% payment in advance, the balance to be paid on the day