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Corona Virus, Corporations and the Cabal

Bill Gates and his vaccine

Happy July my fellow prisoners.

Well folks my bar is now open but, with the lack of people about, it might as well be closed. Sadly, fishing is much the same, and for similar reasons, although I have had a few reports of plenty of fish being about but they are not attacking the lures due to the huge amounts of baitfish available, as the Andaman Sea lives up to its reputation as the “Nursery of the The Indian Ocean”.

So this month...

I thought I would try to make some resemblance of sense of what is happening in the world today.

As many of my readers will know I am what the CIA termed a “Conspiracy Theorist” and have been since I saw “Zeitgeist” back in 2007.

This outstanding documentary series of three, gave me an insight into what a wonderful world this could be, given just half a chance.

Later I learned who the “real” enemy is and how totally corrupt and hideous they could be in pursuit of money and power, information I initially got from “The World According to Monsanto”.

This is the company who invented GM (Genetically Modified) plants which were impervious to their internationally sold weed killer “Roundup”, which means all their GM maize, rice, corn, wheat etc. will grow where nothing else can, after being sprayed with Roundup.

This sounds great until you realize plants will continue to try and reproduce naturally via pollination, although the bees and other insects are under threat as their alternative food sources come under threat and all the various forms of food crops become naturally infected by GM intervention, while the “weeds” die off.  Meaning soon there will be no seeds, outside those in seed banks, (for historical records) that are not contaminated by Monsanto / now Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

GM now controls most of our food sources, even the cattle feed, by the use of a Genetically Engineered Virus that has encompassed the whole world, even countries who banned GM, for as I previously mentioned, pollinating insects do not respect national boundaries. So we now have it, our staple food sources injected by a man-made virus and Monsanto now controls the brunt of what we eat.

Now while we may or may-not consider Corona 19 man-made, we can definitely be assured that the vaccine being manufactured to combat C19 most definitely is.

So what does an antidote/vaccine actually do and who is working on this?  Well the vaccine when and if available, is just another virus injected into the human organism which alters our DNA, just like GM plants, in order to combat whatever it is targeted against, plus additives, which in turn will make all who use it genetically altered and basically the same as our crops, dependent on Monsanto, or in this case, let’s start with Bill Gates, the Gates Foundation and the “REAL CONSPIRATORS”.

Another video tells of all the vaccine and vaccine related organizations the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have funded, including the World Health Organization (WHO).

All the information is correct but the video was censored which in not surprising considering the relationship Bill Gates (Microsoft) has with viruses, the internet and Google.

I could continue and explain how the 1% also known as the Cabal, the Illuminati or the New World Order, hold on to their money and power via bribery, corruption and blackmail.

But all that, including their disgusting and illegal lifestyles, should all be coming to light shortly as Ghislaine Maxwell takes the stand. If for any reason she doesn’t, everybody should then realize how we are being systematically robbed and manipulated by the 1%: a few multi-billionaire families and their paid, bribed and blackmailed lackeys which include the mass media, politicians, Royalty and the Church.  Isn’t it now obvious, we are being run, not by our elected authorities but by a select group of criminals who will stop at nothing to sustain their privileged position and increasingly disgusting lifestyles?

Basic Social Psychology theory states; “when people don’t know who to trust, they are liable to turn on each other as they naturally feel they have to “fight” something”. I believe this explains the recent rash of absolute stupidity.

I just hope a few of the people who feel this way would take this article seriously and learn “Who your real Enemy really is”.

All the very best folks - keep safe.


This Whole Thing Stinks to High Heaven!

Follow the Money

Well my fellow prisoners and befuddled fishers, not much to write about, when you're incarcerated it’s difficult to get the fish to bite never mind getting a story, so here’s what’s on everybody’s mind, one way or another:-

Remember I said this virus crap was connected to G5 but didn’t know why? Well I just found the answer, it’s all part of a huge conspiracy to lower your immune system and reduce the population. (Bill Gates) C19 was designed in the US who “illegally” sub-contracted the research to China. Remember I joked about someone dropping a bottle?

  1.  The C19 virus kills very few people although it is very contagious but most of the deaths you hear about were actually with people who already had health problems and an immune deficiency in the first place, like people starving in the 3rd world, the old and infirmed who also don’t pay any tax or loan repayments, anymore. Someone once said: - “Follow the money”!!!
  2. So why massage the figures to make C19 deaths so much higher than they actually are, by including anyone with a Covid positive result in their system, like flu or cold? Well it looks like someone wants to sell you an injection against it – Would you believe there are two patents “US & UK” for this “particular 19” virus that were taken out long BEFORE this current situation. Vaccinations that will lower your already environmentally lowered immune system and will probably become mandatory if you wish to travel or even work. Again “Follow the money!!!
  3. Smile! You're on camera!So why all the lies and hype? There are lots of possible reasons, many to do with covering up other political wrongdoings, banking  & big pharma, corruption which now desperately needs to be “covered-up”  foul deeds  which even include criminal sex offenses, which are now coming to light - BBC / Epstein /Maxwell/presidents and the Royal Family. It’s all to do with control and that’s where the BIG guns come in like G5.  - G5 will become compulsory and while the “radiation” from the hardware could seriously affect your health (many warning from experts. In the field), the software it will bring will definitely and completely destroy any ideas you may have of personal privacy. Who benefits? – control  - “Follow the money”.
  4. Ooh! That stinks!The 1% and their vision of the “New World Order” -  They are the enemy, not a virus, science, religion, nationality or gender, they are all part of their divide and concur mentality which along with fear and media manipulation, not forgetting the old favorite with influential people, like politicians, corruption! “Where did you think their money and sponsorships came from?

The way I see things as we stand, we are about to embark on a “New World Order” which has been predicted for years, but we are now at the crossroads where we must choose between tyranny, “THEIR” Orwellian state, NWO,  automaton, de-population and education for the few and the privileged -  OR a “Brave New World” where we use science to improve the situation of all the other 99% as there is no need for hunger, poverty and war, which are predominately caused by the greed of the 1% and their corrupt puppets.

Zeitgeist : Moving Forward (made 2010) “U Tube” painted a beautiful picture of what could be, or Zeitgeist: Addendum :

I hope you, my friends, now realize “voting is now an exercise in futility”; we need something to break the mold, for in my lifetime I have never really voted FOR anything, it’s always been AGAIST with Right voting against Left and vice-versa while the 1% continues to control both, “It’s their club and you’re not in it” - George Carlin. “Follow the Money”.

So my friends, it’s your choice, what do you want to leave for your kids?  An Orwellian, G5, existence with compulsory all sorts, like right now - or a “Brave New World” where we have vanquished the greedy, the banks/big-pharma, debt, and all the other things we have had inflicted upon us.

In closing, did you know both Sweden and Taiwan refused to close down and guess what happened, NOTHING!!!  Taiwan 6 deaths in 5 months!  It’s the biggest scam since the Federal Reserve and run by the same avaricious vermin.


Tight lines to all

February Fishing in Phuket

A Fab Feb to all you Fisher Folk.

There seems to be a massive increase of police road blocks recently which I assume is the Thai’s response to the horrendous road accident figures, but considering the amount of howling ambulances screaming by my door I don’t feel this approach is working, especially when you consider how few tourists there are, the folks who traditionally take the blame for this national disgrace. Or is it possible that this lack of visitor numbers also means there are less of the customary sources of  income supplements “tea money” and an alternative, no matter how damaging to the already beleaguered tourist industry, had to be found. I also find it bizarre how the noisy motorbikes with no silencers, another big tourist grievance, seem to go unnoticed as the “Brown Bears” target their, what seems to be predominately “foreign” victims.

Fishing – The unusually windy conditions that plagued us throughout January continued to restrict the amount of trolling lines we could put out, but with the possible migration of the Sailfish, GT’s (Giant Trevally) seem to have taken over as the top predator, not as spectacular as the Sails but a serious fighting fish all the same, with lots of power. Pity there are not more guys here to catch them.

As I move into my second decade here in the Land of Smiles I can only wonder where things are going from here, with this new Chinese Flu and the outrageously high Baht all the local tourist reliant businesses are feeling the pinch and I predict many will not see the end of the year, as regular visitors plump for cheaper destinations such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and even Myanmar (Burma).

While I realize tourism is not a major part of the Thai GDP (Gross Domestic Product) that should not mean that visitors should be treated so shabbily by the authorities in general, even starting at the airport where welcome to the “Land of Smiles” is a complete misnomer.

On my Facebook site I started a “Begged, borrowed & stolen” photograph section which has proved quite popular so I am including more pictures in this blog which I hope you enjoy and for more please see Facebook:- Jimmy’s Drift Inn & Big Game Fishing.


Once again my fellow fish fumblers, tight lines to all and see you next month if the Chinese Flu don’t get me first.

January Fishing – Tips for Trips

Welcome to the all-new roaring 20's upgrade, me fisherooing M8s

Now that we are moving into a new decade and from our hot & wet season to our hot & dry, tourists are very noticeable by their absence. Hotels are complaining about a very poor 50% “high” season occupancy and just about everyone who is used to servicing the usual flood of visitors are now catering for a trickle and that was before the end of the month which brought our latest Chinese import  “Coronavirus”.  Every “high” season it’s something different, and the list grows and grows and grows and-

Why is the bloody Baht so strong? Rice and sugar mountains are bankrupting farmers and all the many other exports, such as vehicles and rubber, being much more expensive, yet still the financial pain goes on for the farmers, tourists and the tourist industry. All this and the construction of hotels continue at a pace, compounding our annual water shortage problem, as the main reservoir is well down and the “dry” season having only just begun. Inscrutable Thai logic!

January was a lot windier than normal which had, from a fishing point of view, both advantages and disadvantages. Good points being, with the wind it was not like fishing in a sauna and the water surface was cooler bringing fish closer to the surface. Bad news was “white horses” surface waves mean that lures on the top of the water are more difficult for the fish to see.

A fish-n-swim at Koh Racha Noi
Fishing for all the family

So now - Tips for the Trips:-

Thai crews often have little English and just tend to get on with their jobs which unfortunately is often at the expense of customer- care as they are unable to tell you things you might like to know or are too embarrassed to ask, knowing the answer will still be unintelligible.

For example:- most of our boats have “Bluetooth” speakers and you probably have your favorite music on your phone but the crew will often not think to mention it.

If you have younger children who are a bit bored and you are out in calm conditions, ask the captain to let the “wee one” drive the boat, it relieves the boredom and is a great photo opportunity.

Locally, no lines can go out within the bounds of Chalong Bay for like many other places in the area this is “National Park” regulations, NO commercial fishing. The same applies to the Similan Islands, where lots of new regulations apply, and Koh Ha / Roc where the fishing can be great but only outside their National Park “limits”.

When heading towards the “Racha Islands” the most popular “local” series of hotspots, you are heading south and the big windmill on your starboard “right” as you leave the bay is not, as some wags will tell you, “air-con for the Russian tourists on Nai Harn beach”.

May you all have a happy Brexit

Tight lines

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