Queen Marlin Fishing & Scuba Trip

Nice barracuda

We just had a great trip on the Queen Marlin – A spot of fishing, a spot of scuba diving, a great barbeque and a few beers to finish off a perfect day. But first the fish:

first catch of the day
First catch of the day
Nice catch
Nice Catch

The Tackle:

penn reels
Fishing Tackle on the Queen Marlin

Then the crew:

With the Crew
With the Crew

Here’s the skipper:

Here's the skipper
more crew
More Crew

With the happy trippers:

Happy trippers
Happy Trippers

Joined by a friend:

phuket turtle
Local Turtle

And a spot of scuba diving:

preparing to dive
Preparing to Dive
scuba diving in phuket
Scuba diving in the warm waters of Phuket

And a spot of lunch:

on board snacks
Having a bite to eat on the Queen Marlin

Followed by an evening barbeque:

Fishing trip bbq
The crew prepare the bbq

You get to eat your catch!

beautiful andaman sea
The beautiful sunsets off Phuket

And then relax and enjoy the surroundings with a few beers:

fishing beer and a beautiful sunset
Fishing, Beer and a Beautiful Sunset
Jim shows the way
Jim shows the way
the perfect sunset
The perfect sunset

This is the life:

the good life
The Good Life

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