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Happy New Year 2019

Thai 2 On at night-time

Season’s greetings to all you salty ole seadogs.

The early part of the month saw Thai 2 On back in the water after getting her bum cleaned and a sizeable refit which included a Christmas present to the boat, a brand new 6ooW underwater “green” LED lighting system. This is the coolest thing you’ve ever seen and knocks daytime “bottom” fishing for six. This revolutionary new lighting, way beyond conventional systems, when lowered 10M beneath the boat illuminates a 30 meter circle of unbelievably clear visibility which in turn attracts the squid and draws the fish in. A delight to witness even if you’re not fishing, and has to be seen to be believed.

To this end Thai 2 On is now offering two “new” night-fishing packages so everyone can partake in this amazing experience.  Offer 1. - A  6 pm to 3 am  trip - and - Offer 2. -  A single “day” deal 7.30 am / 3 am.

Thai 2 On is also bookable Feb / Mar. for an unforgettable trip to the “Burma Banks” which although inaccessible to commercial trawling, has only in the past few years become accessible to Sports Fishing Boats and for this reason potentially one of the TOP bill fishing venues on the planet, so vast at 500 sq/km there are many unexplored areas where no one has ever fished.  See:-

The antennary for “The Banks”, is available by emailing us at

Concluding the year, “High Season” – Thursday the 24th ushered in Christmas with a massive thunder storm and two phone calls. “For a boat for tomorrow.”

So that’s me analized another year, so it’s goodnight from me and - Awe the hairy breast to awe ma M8’s for 19   -  Slainte Mhath – Hupthefuck and a Merry Christmas to all those who find it offensive.

Tight lines, for the New Year.

Sea Gypsy Night Fishing

Night fishing with the Phuket Sea Gypsies

Fishing on Sea Gypsy Longtail Boats

Coral Island, Koh Bon

How Much?
1,800 THB
(person / day)
How Many?
Min: 4, Max: 5 fishing
but can take 8 persons
Important! Please note

These trips are not for young children or the unfit. These are Sea Gipsy working boats and have no facilities.

Night fishing can be done any time the weather permits although a full moon seriously adds to this magical night out.

Leaving the Gypsy Village in Rawai around 4pm we head for Coral Island and trawl or jig for squid waiting for dusk when we will drop anchor and bottom fish as we watch the magnificent sunset.

We are looking for snapper or barracuda but the catch could be just about anything.

Please note

Booking a Gypsy Trip involves visiting the Gypsy village 1 or 2 days before your proposed trip in order to organize times (tides) and check the weather forecast. The weather in low season is particularly unreliable!

This is a good opportunity to get to know your hosts and organize exactly what you would like to do and for how long, ie. Snorkeling (bring your own gear) Trolling, Bottom fishing, watch them dive to their own traps, dive with them, day/night, BBQ on beach, etc.

It is also a good time to pay your deposit and have a look round the village or have a fresh seafood meal.

Beach Parties

Beach parties for up to 30 people can be catered for and are great for birthday beach bashes.

All the beer you can drink and all the fish you can eat plus a bonfire on the beach!

1,800 Baht Per Person

Meal cooked with the catch
Fishing tackle & live bait
Not Included
TIPPING - there are normally two Thai crew per boat and it is customary to leave a tip
Not included
The price does not include transportation
Please note

All our trips require a 50% payment in advance, the balance to be paid on the day