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A Christmas Tale 2016

Ahoy me Hearties,

Fishing in Phuket
Fishing in Phuket

As it’s that time of year I thought I would repeat an old yarn about a young Thai serving wench of my acquaintance. A few Christmases ago I was asked. “What are you giving me for Christmas?” To which I replied “You’re a Buddhist. Bet you don’t even know what Christmas is?” To which she replied, “Yes it’s Jesus Christ’s birthday.” “Well done” says I, only to get the reply. “Yea, Santa Clause’s son.”

Sail fish still seem to be out there in abundance, with last month’s competition winner Fish Eagle continuing to come back with “catch” flags flying a plenty. The secret at the moment seems to be, “come back in the dark”, as the Sails seem to want to start feeding just that wee bit later in the day. Oaarr!

True Pirate story

Two crew mates on shore leave, on the crest  of a “big bender” were sitting drinking at a bar on Beach Road, Patong, about 20 meters from Bangla Road, when a Tuk Tuk pulls up and shouts out, touting for business. “How much to Bangla Road” They shouted back. “200 Baht” came back a barked reply. OK let’s go – and off they went. A bit later at other end of Bangla and half way round the traffic system, they say NO! “We want the beach end.” To which the taxi makes a 90 turn into a 180 and ends up just short of the place the little crook started. “Just a bit further,” they asked and stopped exactly where they started. The “pirate” driver’s face was “priceless beyond belied” as the guys paid and went back to finish their drinks, and the other customers, in the bar, burst into laughter having witnessed the whole proceedings.

Apart from the Sailfish, (our 2nd best prize fish) being in abundance, for this time of year fishing has been quite mediocre. Last month I theorized El Nino, “fresh” surface water or even the super moon as possible reasons for these unusual changes in the pattern. So for all you “clever clogs” who “cast nasturtiums” at my powers of observation: – Why’s it still raining half way through December? My latest theory is:- It’s God’s tears of laughter at Americans trying to get their heads around democracy.

Mock me – would ya!  We discovered you lot, before you were even there.

Cheers Guys.

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Lang may yer lum reek an yer rods bend.

December Fishing

Sailfish caught in Phuket waters

Hi once again me fellow Fisheroos

While December is the official start of the “high” season, it’s a pity someone never told the weather which unseasonably continues to come from the east. Early on in the month many boats reported exceptionally good Sailfish fishing with Captain Boom-Boom and his motley crew pulling in 3 we won’t mention the boat, as they brought them home, but we do have a description of the culprit – mug-shot enclosed.

December is also credited with “the quote of the year” when a newbie to boats returned from the toilet to say. “It’s like trying to piddle in a glass, standing on a bouncy castle” the crew went into hysterics and pointed at the stern.

And staying on humor, as the wind continues to blow, unseasonably from the East, keeping us in port, bored, and Christmas coming up, I asked one of my female Thai staff, “Do you know what Christmas is?” and was pleasantly surprised when she replied, “Yes Jesus Christ’s birthday” Only to have the wind taken out of my sails when she followed up with, “You know, Santa Claus’s son” You got to love this place.

This may be my last posting, at least for a while, as I have to go to BKK for a wee bit of therapy, as it looks like I might have termites in my Crow’s Nest, that need attending to.

Season’s greetings to all and “may next year’s whoppers make this year’s look small”.


Season’s Greetings

Sportfishing Phuket

Season’s greetings my fellow fisheroos.

As I write this article I was reminded it was nine years ago today they were pulling bodies out of the water after the 2004 tsunami. When I say reminded of that tragic occurrence, this was a happy event, related to me at the Drift Inn as a contender for the “catch of the week”. So this month it goes to a bunch of guys from Australia who pulled a commercial fisherman out of the water in choppy seas two miles west of the gap between Racha Yai and Rach Noi. The poor chap said he had been in the water for five hours after falling off his fishing trawler around 4/5am. The boat’s crew said they were lucky to find him as there was, as usual as this time of the year, a lot of junk in the water and a person treading water looks just like another coconut among dozens especially in conditions where there is a lot of “white horses” white water. Congratulations to all involved, what a Christmas present to give anyone, the gift of life. “CATCH of the WEEK” – FOR SURE!!!

As we approach 2014 and are getting over the Christmas festivities food may be the last thing on your mind but in this month’s article I thought I would expound on preparation when cooking Cobia. Some time ago I had a professional chef on board who caught a fair sized Cobia, he took it back to his restaurant and reported the next day that it tasted terrible. Having tasted Cobia I was inclined to agree, but recently I found out that when you catch a Cobia you must immediately cut just above the tail and break/ cut the spinal column, hang and bleed the fish if you want the best results when cooking. Apparently, not a lot of people know that.

Photo – Something fishy about this guy – guess who – Ho Ho Ho!!!

Wishing all my Ofishinado friends a happy and productive New Year’s fishing.

Tight lines


Jimmy visits local school children dressed as Father Christmas