Sailfish caught in Phuket waters

December Fishing

Hi once again me fellow Fisheroos

While December is the official start of the “high” season, it’s a pity someone never told the weather which unseasonably continues to come from the east. Early on in the month many boats reported exceptionally good Sailfish fishing with Captain Boom-Boom and his motley crew pulling in 3 we won’t mention the boat, as they brought them home, but we do have a description of the culprit – mug-shot enclosed.

December is also credited with “the quote of the year” when a newbie to boats returned from the toilet to say. “It’s like trying to piddle in a glass, standing on a bouncy castle” the crew went into hysterics and pointed at the stern.

And staying on humor, as the wind continues to blow, unseasonably from the East, keeping us in port, bored, and Christmas coming up, I asked one of my female Thai staff, “Do you know what Christmas is?” and was pleasantly surprised when she replied, “Yes Jesus Christ’s birthday” Only to have the wind taken out of my sails when she followed up with, “You know, Santa Claus’s son” You got to love this place.

This may be my last posting, at least for a while, as I have to go to BKK for a wee bit of therapy, as it looks like I might have termites in my Crow’s Nest, that need attending to.

Season’s greetings to all and “may next year’s whoppers make this year’s look small”.


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