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September Fishing Banter

Duyfken Phuket Fishing

This month’s yarn starts with a trip back in time, back to 1606 when Williem Janszoon (Australia’s Columbus) was the first European to discover Australia on a little “privateer” called DUYFKEN, “Dutch for Little Dove” making this cute little ship the Aussie equivalent of the Mayflower, Santa Maria or  Mary Rose.

Now you may ask, “What’s Jimmy prattling on about Australian history for, especially in a fishing column based out of Phuket?

Well me Jolly Jack Tars, for any of you who know Brian “Mad” Mohally, you were actually witnessing history, through his experiences of another famous boat of the same name “Duyfken”, a boat that if it wasn’t for her famous predecessor, would be up there with Hemmingway’s Pilar and Joan’s Ark. Why? Because this boat has caught more IGFA (International Game Fishing Association) world records and Ghanaian (Africa) records than any other sports fisher.

As I write and having sold Duyfken, Brian is on his way to the Philippines to oversee a 280,000 USD refit of this custom built sports fisher. Designed by F. W. Woodnutt,  this 40” Riviera has a plane-ing hull similar to that of the torpedo boats of WW2 and can turn on a piece of eight using her two powerful engines for steerage. Brian can’t remember how many records he has as many have been subsequently broken but between Brian and the many professionals who have owned and chartered the boat over the years, including the IGFA “Hall of Fame” angler Peter B Wright, Duyfken has more records than any craft afloat.

Image - Duyfken sports fishing boat

Brian's wall of fame

A visit to Mad Mohally’s Bar (Irish Bar) in Rawai, Phuket is a must for all Big Game afishinados as the walls are covered in photographs, and trophies of record catches and fishing experiences that most devotees can only aspire to in their wildest dreams, many of which were taken from Duyfken.

After her refit it is planned Duyfken will spend 4 months on the Australian Great Barrier Reef, 4 in Sai Pan, (Marianas Trench) and 2 in the Philippines with Brian retaining a few weeks every year to work on this already considerable reputation as a fisherman AND storyteller, the latter being an occupational hazard for us old salties.
Image - Brian's wall of fame

And this week’s humor since I am writing about boat’s names, here’s a few crackers:-

Campbell’s Sloop, Sea-Nile, Titan Uranus, Ship-for-Brains, Wasted Seamen, A-Salt Weapon, Settlement & In Solvent Sea.

Image - Duyfken with her mother ship weighing in a 1000lb + Marlin (picture Australian Fishing Museum)

Duyfken with her mother ship weighing in a 1000lb + Marlin (picture Australian Fishing Museum)

Club News :- The Thailand Sports Fishing Club, (TSFC) the “new” club that now runs the Thailand’s premier “Classic” Fishing Competition,  (1st /3rd March) sponsored by the Phuket News has now confirmed it has a five man “tournament committee” team and a growing 50 plus membership all raring to go. Enquiries for the competition should be directed to Warren Crowe at

Finally it’s nice to see the Phuket Game Fishing Club (PGFC) has not lost its sense of humor either. After rescinding my life membership (for services rendered) because of my recent article (Kraken – July 16) that amusingly high-lighted the gross mismanagement of the club, which at the time of my resignation from the committee had resulted in a paid-up membership you could count on your fingers, “no thumbs” the PGFC committee now wants me to pay 2,000 Baht to renew my membership. Hysterical!!!

As usual, tight lines to all,


October Fishing News in Phuket

Phuket fishing charter

Hi once again my fellow Fisheroos.

A bull doradoOctober arrived with a vengeance, 3 meter plus waves and 60kph westerly’s which once again brought all the debris in from the Indian Ocean and as usual some of the biggest catches were “plastic”. This may sound like bad news but at this time of year, it’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good, for when you see a large amount of flotsam in one place, “usually due east of Chalong, but it could be anywhere depending on the tides and winds”, it is always worth investigating as Dorado are often found lurking under the rubbish, using it as a sun shield and a way of camouflaging themselves from their prey below. Apart from being a great fighting fish Dorado, otherwise known as Mahi- Mahi or Dolphin Fish are my favorite eating. Two fillets from a fair sized fish will make a substantial meal for four and it’s exceptionally easy to do. Using a sharp knife cut your fillets, place them skin down on a frying pan oiled with butter for about 2/3 minutes, squeeze on some lemon/lime juice before turning over, a few “new” potatoes and you have a meal fit for a King. Arrr me hearties – ship’s cooking at its best! For those chartering one of our “Gin Palaces”, boats which carry white wine and cream, a Dorado fillet poached in a wine and cream sauce with a few shallots will also keep the most discerning pallet very happy.

Now, if you thought last month’s pirate joke was bad, how about this contribution from one of our readers: –   Q. What do pirates learn at school?   A. The three RRRs of course. Please, please, no more.

Male and female doradosWhile talking about school, the fishing club has intimated that it is keen to involve children in our passion and as such would be happy to take out families for a day’s fishing with the emphasis on the children. Kids could learn their knots, drive the boat, fish, sample “fresh” wasabi and even snorkel, seeing the fish in their natural environment. Anyone interested should contact either myself or the Rawai Beach Fishing Club; ask for Warren, as he’s a big kid at heart.

In conclusion I would like to wish all the competitors in this year’s P.I.S.T. competition, to be held on the 20th /22nd November, tight lines all round. Registration is to be held at the Tamarind Bar, Chalong on the 19th from 6pm onwards. For those that don’t know the Phuket International Sports-fishing Tournament (P.I.S.T.) is a 3 day event arriving home to port every night for the  daily “weigh-in” and more than a few social bevvies, hence the name.

Once again, tight lines to all.


Make a Budget Trip even Cheaper

How to make a “Budget Boat” even cheaper:

For single anglers or couples wishing to share a boat to reduce costs it is recommended that you visit Jimmy’s Drift Inn & Big Game Fishing on Facebook where it is possible to find likeminded fisher-folks wishing to reduce their cost on boat hire:

Just write in the dates you are available, be flexible, and with a bit of luck your off fishing.

Mena 1 Budget Fishing Boat Charter

Budget Fishing in Phuket Video 2

Eric and Jerry from Singapore on a day trip on Mena 3