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February Fishing in Phuket

A Fab Feb to all you Fisher Folk.

There seems to be a massive increase of police road blocks recently which I assume is the Thai’s response to the horrendous road accident figures, but considering the amount of howling ambulances screaming by my door I don’t feel this approach is working, especially when you consider how few tourists there are, the folks who traditionally take the blame for this national disgrace. Or is it possible that this lack of visitor numbers also means there are less of the customary sources of  income supplements “tea money” and an alternative, no matter how damaging to the already beleaguered tourist industry, had to be found. I also find it bizarre how the noisy motorbikes with no silencers, another big tourist grievance, seem to go unnoticed as the “Brown Bears” target their, what seems to be predominately “foreign” victims.

Fishing – The unusually windy conditions that plagued us throughout January continued to restrict the amount of trolling lines we could put out, but with the possible migration of the Sailfish, GT’s (Giant Trevally) seem to have taken over as the top predator, not as spectacular as the Sails but a serious fighting fish all the same, with lots of power. Pity there are not more guys here to catch them.

As I move into my second decade here in the Land of Smiles I can only wonder where things are going from here, with this new Chinese Flu and the outrageously high Baht all the local tourist reliant businesses are feeling the pinch and I predict many will not see the end of the year, as regular visitors plump for cheaper destinations such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and even Myanmar (Burma).

While I realize tourism is not a major part of the Thai GDP (Gross Domestic Product) that should not mean that visitors should be treated so shabbily by the authorities in general, even starting at the airport where welcome to the “Land of Smiles” is a complete misnomer.

On my Facebook site I started a “Begged, borrowed & stolen” photograph section which has proved quite popular so I am including more pictures in this blog which I hope you enjoy and for more please see Facebook:- Jimmy’s Drift Inn & Big Game Fishing.


Once again my fellow fish fumblers, tight lines to all and see you next month if the Chinese Flu don’t get me first.

PST Fishing Tournament 2019 Review

Greetings me fellow fisheroos.

The beginning of the high season, if you can still call it that, brought about the annual PST fishing tournament which reported record amounts of Sailfish are continuing to frequent our waters, making for another “great” tournament.

Fewer boats than previous years and like many of the other boats “Mena 1” went out without a full complement, which I assume is just another negative symptom of the “strong” Baht, which is a pity as the fishing could not be better.

On the first two days “Hooker” on a fishing cat (not to be confused with “The Oilfield Hookers”) and the Fish Eagle teams continued to steam into a potential two seahorse race. Day 3 brought the competition to an end with No 1 “Hookers”  from the US of A, No 2 Team Fish Eagle and No 3 The oilfield Hookers who had a sprint finish due to my old pal George, another guest for the day, piling on the points with the only Marlin of the event.

As this is possibly my last chance before that irritating X Mass period I thought I would be the first to wish you all a Fishing Holiday when it’s all over and a happy New Year.

As usual tight lines to all


Header pic: My pal Warren on board “Mena 1” with one of the many Sailfish caught on PST 19.

Fishing xmas

October Squalls & Doldrums

That's a nice sailfish!

Salutation and felicitations me fishy friends.

Once again October brought the usual thunderstorms and squalls but apparently not enough rain to sustain us through our “High & Dry” season, while Thai logic still allows water-guzzling hotels to continue to be built compounding the problem. There are stories about a contract to pipe water down to Phuket from up north, so fingers crossed everybody, let’s hope the job does not go to the same company that built the Chalong underpass.

Also as usual fishing between squalls fishing has been excellent for the exceptionally few charters that went out due to the tourist figures which continue to decline in the wake of an ever-strengthening Baht and a load of bureaucratic nonsense coming out of the immigration dept.

It also appears to have had quite an effect on Thai Airways, our national carrier, which when I arrived some 20 years ago was, without a doubt, No.1 and is now in deep in the doldrums.

Check out the flags on Fish Eagle >>

Check out the flags on Fish Eagle

On a lighter note, I thought I would relate the story of Craig, who some may remember from the Mai Pang Bar, Mr. India Soy, Chalong. Craig along with his pal “Sang Som” in his pocket, decided to join the Gypsies and myself on a fishing trip on one of their long-tail boats.

On the way out we were trolling a line which foul hooked a sea (Krate) snake, the most poisonous thing in the sea whose venom would put land snakes to shame, under normal conditions, I would have just cut the line, but Gypsies being Gypsies, Kung wanted his hook back and gingerly laid out the snake in order to retrieve it. Whereupon Grail to the horror of all who witnessed it, grabbed the snake by its head and tail and bit it near in half, stating “I’ll bite it before it bites me” . The look of horror on the Gypsies faces was unmistakable and the story does not even end there.

As we arrived in the area where we intended “bottom” fishing we were all given hand lines and being the guest Craig got his line first and a short time later as I was about to drop mine Craig decided to light a cigarette and wrapped the line around his hand. I said “ Hey man that’s not clever” to which he replied "I’m Australian, I know all about fishinnnnnnnggggg" as he  was unceremoniously ejaculated from the boat, quickly followed by two of the Thai crew who had to swim in the wake of the departing Craig.

After extricating our hapless fish fumbler from the line, which we assume had a Giant Grouper on the other end, our intrepid angler was brought back coughing and spluttering and when he finally caught his breath long enough said, “WTF are you all laughing about, I nearly drowned.” To which I replied “I know all about fishinnnnnnggggg” at which the whole boat, including Craig, burst into peals of laughter, a day never to be forgotten with Craig, The Gypsies, “Sang Som” and myself.

My last Giant Trevally

As I don’t have a picture of the Giant Grouper but here’s a pic of my last Giant Trevally and also a fantastic run of Sailfish (top) from “Fish Eagle” (above) obviously getting in some practice, in order to defend her PST Competition crown next month. Proving once again Phuket, at this time of year, is up there among the best on the planet for Sailfish.

Tight lines to all, especially to all the combatants in the PST competition (21/24 Nov.) hope to see lots of you there.

June Fishing News

June Fishing in Phuket

Now hark to me fable, me beauties.

Early in the month, June, there were Sailfish galore it’s just a pity the same can’t be said for the fishing tourists who, in contradiction to the official tourist figures, are most definitely in short supply. So “Charlie don’t surf” springs to mind.

The fish were that plentiful that Fish Eagle (photo) once again proved her billfish mastery with  two triple and one quadruple hook-up, with all the Sails released, great skills - magnificent fishing. It just goes to prove the high season for fishin, ain’t the high season for tourists.

Quick question – When you catch and release do you think the fish go back and tell their pals “I was abducted by aliens?”

(banner pic) Andrew ”Fish Eagle” and the team working on a “triple”. Notice the ideal fishing conditions, overcast with rain in the distance, beautiful.

(pic) Me old Mate Neill celebrating 14 Sails caught and released on Fish Eagle

Melanie the Mermaid

(pic) Yours-truly having a “mermaid on the Rocks” courtesy of Melanie the Gypsy frightener

Tuna were also here in abundance all roundabout the 1 -2 K mark and here we call them long fin (Albacore) and short fin (Skipjack/Bonito). Longfin Tuna is the best for Sashimi/Sushi as it is a softer meat and less slick than the shortfin which being a tougher more oily meat is best for using as bait especially if you are bottom fishing for Red Snapper or in conjunction with a “skirt” for the bigger pelagic game fish including Sails.

The long-awaited Chalong Tunnel is “now” down and running, very pretty, my trip to the pier is now minutes instead of millennia, just in time for a young, old friend to arrive with a gang of her pals from Glasgow University “Marine Dept.” doing their thesis /thesiss/thesi - whatever. A few years ago Melanie scared the bejeesus out of the local Sea Gypsies in one of her legless moments (Pic enclosed) man, that was a birthday party and a half. I nearly blew ma-heed-af. -  How was an old pirate meant to know in Thailand you buy fuses as an extra?

Staying on strange facts, did you know? An octopus actually has two legs and six arms with one of these arms possibly being the male organ. - So it’s not 8 legs. And the blood of an octopus is “blue” because it is copper based as opposed to our iron based “red” blood. Now, that will help you catch a lot more fish.

As usual, tight lines to all


Fishing in Hot Water

No smoking on beaches

Welcome once again my fellow fish fondlers.

Maybe it’s just me, but I swear towards the end of the month I heard more ambulance sirens than on the supposed “week of death” and judging by the news “death week” sounds like a sound bite for:- Please behave this week as it’s a “Farrang” holiday period. T.I.T.

As usual, as the tourist season comes to its height, the water heats up and the fishing deteriorates as the fish go deeper although a few Dorado have been caught which is unusual, but nothing surprises me anymore as global warming continues to disrupt our fishing calendar. That said, we have been the Sailfish capital of the world for quite a while now for what looks like the same reason, as different species adapt to the changing environment, which we humans continue to refuse to acknowledge. So, once again, please don’t ask me what you can expect at any specific time of year.

Locally, I see the lake “fresh water” boys have been stocking up and I could not believe my eyes when I saw how big the Arapaima at Chalong Fishing Park have grown, since their introduction.

From all reports the boats have been relatively busy but as the European Market declines we seem to be left with “tourist” type Russians, who DEMAND a big fish, not forgetting the Chinese who have to be told you can’t breathe underwater, a sad reflection on their education. It also reflects on T.A.T.s (Thailand’s Tourism Authority) policy of “cheap” tourism as they continue to target quantity rather than quality, and then wonder where their recent problems arise from.

This week’s joke :- you can now be fined 3,000 USD – 100,000 Baht for smoking on the beach, as cigarette butts pollute the ocean (true) yet, over many years now no one seems to bother about the clongs spewing raw sewage and lots of other crap, straight into the sea, as seen “annually” in Patong Bay when the green slime is not flushed away as the seasonal tides change. Now that’s a load of sh1t. 555.

I warned everybody about an impending marine disaster prior to the Phoenix tragedy, now, how about the health hazard issues in our most popular tourist destination. I often wonder – can anything save the tourism industry from Thai logic?

Phuket Fishing Nov 2018

Welcome aboard me fellow fishing fumblers.

The beginning of the month saw the usual nightly thunderstorms a few of which were quite hefty. It reminded me of driving up to the Big Buddha, a few years ago, for one of the most spectacular views of nature’s fireworks in action, a truly awe-inspiring experience.

November also saw the start of our “high” season which was once again was ushered in with the sound of ambulance sirens, as the usual horde of “socks & sandal” tourists leave their brains at the airport and rent motorbikes. This year the dangers of driving in Phuket are compounded by the now infamous “Chalong Circle” where you can easily be stuck in traffic for half an hour, which can’t be fun if you’re on your way to the ICU. So, my friends please be warned.

Fishing has been excellent, with “Fish Eagle” breaking her own record by catching and releasing 16 sailfish in one day. (photo) It’s just a pity there are so few fisher-folks about to enjoy our sport at its best, but it’s a very good sign for the up and coming PST competition, which starts on the 21st.

As we steam inexorably closer to the Christmas Period I feel that once again I should share my favourite seasonal story. Some years ago one of my staff approached me and asked: “What are you getting me for Xmas?” To which I replied. “You’re Buddhist; do you even know what Xmas is?” Yes, it’s Jesus Christ’s birthday”. Was the unexpected reply, to which I was more than surprised – until the classic follow-up statement:- “You know, Santa Clause’s son.”

It was just before Christmas and the magistrate was in a happy mood. He asked the prisoner who was in the dock, ‘What are you charged with?’ The prisoner replied, ‘Doing my Christmas shopping too early.’ ‘That’s no crime’, said the magistrate. ‘Just how early were you doing this shopping?’ ‘Before the shop opened’, answered the prisoner.
As usual, tight lines to all.

September Blues

I was advised this month that my literary talents, which I shared with the local newspaper, were no longer required, as they had found an advertiser who will “actually pay” to take over my monthly fishing column for the Phuket News. So, as of this month that’s me finished, now it’s not me you protest to when you drift in to The Drift Inn.

With the boats staying in port recently, a pirate captain of my acquaintance ordered one of his crew to “walk the plank” because poor guy couldn’t afford a dog.

Although the fishing charter business is slower than usual, which now between storms is mostly due to the lack of customers, fishing has been superb with Sailfish cuing to be caught, probably due to the bad weather which means the commercial boats have to anchor-up making the fish stocks noticeably higher, all except Wahoo which have been strangely absent for well over a year now. Anyone have a theory?

How’s about this - a great name for a speedboat, talk about “high” in the water.

Early on in the month we had a visit from five ladies from the US of A who I introduced to the local Sea Gypsies and generally took under my wing, a great time was had by all, including me. Thanks Guys for the enclosed note, most appreciated:

Finally, congratulations to Jez from Chalong Fishing Park on catching his first Marlin, fishing is always better after a good stir up. Nice to see a freshwater guy braving the briny. Well done M8.


So, as usual, as we wait for the hurricane season to pass.

Tight lines to all,

Great Fishing on the Burma Banks

Monster catch

The beginning of the month saw the return of M V Thai 2 On from her annual trip up north to the world renowned Burma Banks where once again they saw plenty of action, with our old shipmate Ian “Tubsy” Tubbs admitting with a “red face” that he just missed the Grand Slam record, (A Black Marlin, a Blue Marlin and a Sailfish in one day’s fishing.) by failing to land the “easy” one, the Sail, but the overall count was still impressive with Ian’s catch report for his two back to back trips reading as follows :-

9 Marlin raised - 5 strikes – 3 caught with the biggest being a 560lb Blue. GTs up to 50lb – Dog Tooth Tuna and snapper.

Fish Eagle also submitted a catch report stating the bottom fishing around Racha Noi, mid-month, was excellent as they pulled in some nice Grouper and Snapper.

The Burma Banks

An easy, but full day’s cruise from Phuket, fishing most of the way, Phuket boats arrive at the Thai / Myanmar border, which for the first and last bookings of the season is a “free day” to T2On’s lucky passengers. During the rest of the season normal procedure is for the crews to pick up their passengers on the Thai side of the border “Ranong” for the short trip across to Myanmar (Burma) “Victoria” to welcome aboard their compulsory Myanmar guide and pay the 100 USD entry fee which then allows her access to very possibly the best Bill Fish fishing anywhere.

For those unacquainted with the Burma Banks this is a huge plateau covering some 1,500 square kilometers. The waters surrounding the banks are 300/350 meters deep rising in an easy gradient to around 15 meters from the surface, making this vast area inaccessible to the commercial trawlers who in the past few years have severely impacted our sports trolling elsewhere in the region. (Notice the difference in spelling - the difference between net and line – sports and commercial fishing.)

Situated 180km North West of the Similan Islands and 90 to 180 Km due west of Ranong (Thailand) and Kawthaung, Myanmar (Burma) Nearly half way to the Andaman Islands (India) although in international waters the economic rights are claimed by the Myanmar Government hence the entry fee and compulsory guide who so far has always acted as a useful and welcome member of the crew.

Because of strong currents and no place to “run” for protection from foul weather, the “banks” can only be visited during our “high” season, mid- February to April, for obvious safety reasons.

Understandably there is nothing to see but sea, then again - let’s face it Guys, you’re here for the fishing and this is one of the best fishing areas anywhere, with Marlin and Sailfish in abundance, great “jigging” and bottom fishing.

This month’s humor - although not fishing related - typifies the trials and tribulations of living in Thailand:

A friend who got his Thai driving license five years ago, at the same time as myself, phoned to say we needed to renew, so I got my paperwork together and went to Phuket town only to be told. “Can’t do - Ting tong Farang, you’re a year early.” On meeting my pal we find out, his expires in April 2018 and mine in 2019 even though we received our licenses only minutes apart. TIT.

Comment of the month:

A rather famous boxing pal, John “Boy” Hutchinson, a regular visitor to Phuket, came out fishing with us, his first time on a small boat. He asked me where the toilet was and on his return, much to everybody’s amusement, stated in his broad Irish accent. “Bloody Hell - it’s like trying to pee into a whiskey glass standing on a bouncy castle”. Us old pirates know better – “Never spit into the wind.”

As usual, tight lines to all.

July Phuket Fishing News

Ahoy once again Shipmates

Prior to the big mid-month storm, excellent fishing reports came in from Neill C. on Fish Eagle with a good sized Sailfish, Fish Eagle also released a young Black Marlin, while  Ali a pal from Qatar landed a nice King and Queen with Mena 1. and all the boats seemed to be impressed with the variety of species caught, Barras, big Long Toms, Rainbows, Dorado and of course lots of Tuna which all came in at around 2kgs. In fact the only thing not here at present seems to be Wahoo.

Following last month’s article about Jez at Chalong Fishing Park, I was reminded by Mike of EFT (Exotic Fishing Thailand) that I have not mentioned him since he added first class, lakeside, mountain-view, bungalows to his already magnificent and most scenic facilities, even if he did neglect to mention his latest Thai Cooking lessons for the wife / GF that doesn’t fish.

Although both venues are considered “fresh water fishing parks”, that’s where the similarity ends, with neither being at all comparable; it’s a bit like comparing the Cutty Sark to a canal barge (Sorry Jez – “quality” Thames barge.) While EFT should be on every keen, fresh water angler’s bucket list, for every conceivable reason including potential records, Jez’s place (Chalong Fishing Park) is “an affordable”, chill out, drop in and get your rod wet sort of watering hole with 20 / 40kg sized fish, relatively easy and plentiful sporting fish, nothing compared to EFT’s monster cats and Arapaima, but: –  “O’ Arrr, but ye gets what ye pays for”.    Details on Fresh Water Fishing.

Pirate’s philosophy

Between bells, speaking to an old Greek shipmate, he posed me the question.” Do you know we are all idiots?” “You mean, judging by the people we vote for and allow govern us?” I retorted. “Yea, your half right”. He replied. “It’s from an old Greek word, which basically means, everyone who is NOT a politician.” I looked it up – IT’S TRUE – and you wonder why there are pirates who like to run a finger up the mast from time to time.


September 19th – “Talk like a pirate day” – Admit it, it slipped your mind. — TRUE – newsflash from America

Since the demise of the Phuket Fishing Club and its associated “Phuket Classic” fishing competition, I was even more saddened to read Uwe was winding up our only other major competition P.I.S.T. after 12 years at the wheel, but fear not me hearties I have been advised by Walter, the latest captain and CEO, a new and simplified P.I.S.T with a new name P.S.T.  (Phuket Sports-fishing Tournament) is now on the stocks and ready to launch. There will be a few cosmetic changes such as “all bill-fish to be released” – “increased points for all other species, except Tuna” and junior anglers can enter free and in unlimited numbers, (when accompanied by an adult I would presume,) are among the few rule changes. Registration will be from 3 -7pm on the 22nd November with fishing commencing on the 23rd for this 3 day event. The venue will be the same as before and further information, such as “early bird” etc. can be found at Phuket Sportsfishing Tournament on Facebook or e-mail Walter at

Staying with competitions, the “Islander – Rawai” and the “Walkabout – Karron” are having the second of their monthly “mini-comps” at Chalong Fishing Park later this month and any PB&FA  (Phuket Fishing & Boating Assn.)  Members wishing to join the fun can register at the park or either of the bars but please be quick, as there is a limited number of seats available at the lake.

This month’s side splitter:-

One day while driving home from his fishing trip with the Monsoon rains coming in horizontally, a local fisherman (Fred – name change to protect the innocent) got a flat on his bike just outside of a monastery. A sympathetic monk seeing his predicament came out and invited Old Fred inside to have dinner and to spend the night. Fred stranded and knackered after a day’s fishing gladly accepted the monk’s kind offer.
That evening overwhelmed by the most magnificent dinner of fish and chips he had ever tasted, he decided to compliment the chef.  Entering the kitchen, he asked the cook, “Are you the “fish friar?” “No,” the chef replied, “I’m only the chip monk.”O Arr!

The wife’s not here, so I’m off to box the compass.   (how many “old salts” remember that?)

Tight lines

May Fishing in Phuket

Once again shipmates, welcome aboard.

The scuttlebutt this month has been few and far between possibly due to the weather and the lack of “fishing” tourists, although that jammy dodger Mateus who pulled last month’s Marlin and the only one who reported in, informed me of a large Sail Fish this month, with some 30+ medium to small Tuna to help fill, once again, Mena 1’s fish box, Good old solid, dependable timber, I think “If God had wanted us to have fibreglass boats; he would have given us fibreglass trees”.

A few months ago I wrote about the “Kraken” a fictitious sea monster, which drew a considerable amount of attention, so this month, I decided to write about another monster of the deep. A beastie so cleaver it needs brains all over its body, how do you fancy a brain in all your appendages including your reproductive organ. A beastie with a cloak of invisibility that even Harry Potter would be jealous of and an escapologist who could give lessons to Houdini.  Guessed the name yet???

OK. How about a shape shifter that can mimic other species who learns by observation and is totally self-educated, as the female always dies subsequently to looking after her eggs until hatching. This exceptionally clever animal has its brains distributed throughout its body – try to imagine your arms and legs being able to “independently” touch, feel and taste – your toes in a trifle, a beer in one hand while doing a jigsaw with the other. This would be child’s play for this odyssey of the all the world’s oceans. Guessed yet, me seafairin, swashbuckling, maties?

More clues:- And for those of you who have been at sea too long, our hatchling even grows up to be featured in “Shunga” early 19th century Japanese  erotic art. They have three hearts and there are about 300 different species, all venomous, but only one dangerous, to humans.

Now I’ll make it easy for the landlubbers.

Our beastie is related to the oyster and squirts ink as part of its defensive strategy. He/she can fit through very narrow gaps or holes as long as it’s wider than the space between its eyes, hence they are never caught in traps unless they are taken by surprise when stealing bait. This seagoing cephalopod mollusc can swim, walk and is jet propelled, it has a powerful beak and eight arms and is a cousin to the squid and cuttlefish. Yes me hearties it’s the Octopus.

Well that’s it for this month shipmates, that’s me off for a bit of exercise. Where you may ask do pirates go to keep fit? O Arrr. It’s got to be – off to the Jim Lad!

Once again, tight lines to all.

A Trip to the Burma Banks

April fishing

A vast and belay me hearties, lend me a lug.

This month’s tale goes a bit further afield than usual, to the world renowned fishing-ground “The Burma Banks” where “Thai 2 On” spent the earlier part of the month, with Laust  Bendiksen, Steve Dickson our own marauding mariner, Ian Tubby and his crew who ventured north into Myanmartian waters, if that’s what the sea off Myanmar (Burma) is called.

Could be a sailfish

Firstly this trip means a call into Victoria, Myanmar to pick up the obligatory “guide” before our motley crew were allowed to continue our journey to the “Burma Banks” which has some of the best bill-fish fishing on the planet and is within the comfortable range of most of our “overnight” boats.

The Burma Banks themselves are a series of flat topped underwater mountains covering a huge area of around 1,500 square kilometers. The waters around the “banks” are 300/350 meters deep and gradually rise to 15 meters from the surface, making this vast area inaccessible to commercial trawlers who in the past few years have decimated much of the Andaman Sea and the Similan Islands where we used to have our sadly lamented fishing “club” competitions.

Big fish

Situated 180Km North West of the Similan Islands and 90 to 180 Km due west of Ranong (Thailand) and Kawthaung,  Myanmar  (Burma) Nearly half way to the Andaman Islands (India) the “Banks” are in international waters although economic rights are claimed by the Myanmar Government.

Because of strong currents and no place to “run” for protection from foul weather the “banks” can only be visited, for safety reasons, during our “high” season mid- February to mid-April.

Obviously there is nothing to see, but if you’re here for the fishing this is one of the best “bill” fishing areas anywhere, with Marlin and Sailfish in abundance.

Thai 2 On’s log confirmed hooking into 12 Marlin with 3 Black’s and 1 Blue brought to the boat all estimated at 300lb plus a few (6) broken lines. To this tally they added 1 Sail around 60lb and lots of Sea Bass and Red Snapper all about 20lb.

Later in the month I manager to damaged my right foot and all I needed was an eye patch and a parrot and I could have been “Long John Jimmy”, which brings me to :- Did you hear about the pirate who took up boxing, as he had a killer left hook? Lastly, I’m thinking of a new car, do you think I should go for an Arrrgh-V?

Tight lines to all.

Phuket Fishing January 2017

Random fishing picture

Ahoy me Hearties,

The main topic of conversation at the beginning of the month remained to be the weather, as the “winter” continued to encroach on what should be “summer” leaving much of the South of Thailand under water and conditions at sea – sure flushed the scuppers.

It’s quite common for the local fishermen to be asked “What’s in season?” Which at one time was quite a reasonable question but now with the massive changes in the weather, whether it be El Niño, global warming or a natural cycle no one has told the fish which quite frankly, are not too bright, in my case, with the odd exception. The one that got away!

For posterity, in case things never change back to normal, “bill fish” Marlin and Sailfish are usually here in the first and last 2/3 months of the year along with most of the other “prise” fish such as Wahoo and King Mackerel who tend to arrive and depart about a month or two behind their pointy nosed pals. While Tuna, long and short fin, (Albacore and Skip Jack) are here intermittently all the year round with their larger cousins, (Yellow Fin. Big Eye and Dog tooth) popping up on occasion, just to confuse the issue.

So my advice, right now, is get out there, for the “weird” weather, in relation to local fishing, has never been better, proving the point that “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.”

PIST fishing tournamentStill with the unusual consequences of climate change, the Fish of the Month prize goes to Ian of Thai 2 On who landed a Yellow Fin Tuna the first that’s been heard of in these waters for as long as I can remember. This makes a change from congratulating Fish Eagle on their long run of Sailfish targeting which didn’t slow down any, after they ran away with the trophies on the P.I.S.T. competition. And while we’re on about the Phuket International Sports-fishing Tournament , (Sponsored by the Phuket News) it has just been announced that the our next chance to compete will be the 22nd to the 25th November, As I assume it will be a 3 day affair as usual I would also assume the 22nd is the registration date. For further information please contact Michael Hochgeladen on 081 719 5766.

I was glad to see an end to 2016 but now I would like to add January 17 to that list as the weather and Thailand’s internal affairs continued to unsettle small businesses, as the “quality” tourist market continues to shrink despite all the “positive” propaganda issued by the relevant authorities. The “powers that be” just can’t hide the fact that their advertising attracted the wrong type of clientele meaning that little or nothing was done for the bread and butter businesses of Phuket while their counterparts in the roads department continued to dig holes in our little corner of paradise.

Tight lines to all.