PST Fishing Tournament 2019 Review

Greetings me fellow fisheroos.

The beginning of the high season, if you can still call it that, brought about the annual PST fishing tournament which reported record amounts of Sailfish are continuing to frequent our waters, making for another “great” tournament.

Fewer boats than previous years and like many of the other boats “Mena 1” went out without a full complement, which I assume is just another negative symptom of the “strong” Baht, which is a pity as the fishing could not be better.

On the first two days “Hooker” on a fishing cat (not to be confused with “The Oilfield Hookers”) and the Fish Eagle teams continued to steam into a potential two seahorse race. Day 3 brought the competition to an end with No 1 “Hookers”  from the US of A, No 2 Team Fish Eagle and No 3 The oilfield Hookers who had a sprint finish due to my old pal George, another guest for the day, piling on the points with the only Marlin of the event.

As this is possibly my last chance before that irritating X Mass period I thought I would be the first to wish you all a Fishing Holiday when it’s all over and a happy New Year.

As usual tight lines to all


Header pic: My pal Warren on board “Mena 1” with one of the many Sailfish caught on PST 19.

Fishing xmas

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