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June Fishing News

June Fishing in Phuket

Now hark to me fable, me beauties.

Early in the month, June, there were Sailfish galore it’s just a pity the same can’t be said for the fishing tourists who, in contradiction to the official tourist figures, are most definitely in short supply. So “Charlie don’t surf” springs to mind.

The fish were that plentiful that Fish Eagle (photo) once again proved her billfish mastery with  two triple and one quadruple hook-up, with all the Sails released, great skills - magnificent fishing. It just goes to prove the high season for fishin, ain’t the high season for tourists.

Quick question – When you catch and release do you think the fish go back and tell their pals “I was abducted by aliens?”

(banner pic) Andrew ”Fish Eagle” and the team working on a “triple”. Notice the ideal fishing conditions, overcast with rain in the distance, beautiful.

(pic) Me old Mate Neill celebrating 14 Sails caught and released on Fish Eagle

Melanie the Mermaid

(pic) Yours-truly having a “mermaid on the Rocks” courtesy of Melanie the Gypsy frightener

Tuna were also here in abundance all roundabout the 1 -2 K mark and here we call them long fin (Albacore) and short fin (Skipjack/Bonito). Longfin Tuna is the best for Sashimi/Sushi as it is a softer meat and less slick than the shortfin which being a tougher more oily meat is best for using as bait especially if you are bottom fishing for Red Snapper or in conjunction with a “skirt” for the bigger pelagic game fish including Sails.

The long-awaited Chalong Tunnel is “now” down and running, very pretty, my trip to the pier is now minutes instead of millennia, just in time for a young, old friend to arrive with a gang of her pals from Glasgow University “Marine Dept.” doing their thesis /thesiss/thesi - whatever. A few years ago Melanie scared the bejeesus out of the local Sea Gypsies in one of her legless moments (Pic enclosed) man, that was a birthday party and a half. I nearly blew ma-heed-af. -  How was an old pirate meant to know in Thailand you buy fuses as an extra?

Staying on strange facts, did you know? An octopus actually has two legs and six arms with one of these arms possibly being the male organ. - So it’s not 8 legs. And the blood of an octopus is “blue” because it is copper based as opposed to our iron based “red” blood. Now, that will help you catch a lot more fish.

As usual, tight lines to all


Phuket Fishing News for June 2018

Welcome to June me cockle-shell heroes.

I see Rainbow Warrior arrived in Phuket at the beginning of the month. Boy, have they got their work cut out for them, steaming into the lion’s den (or rabbit warren) of Thai conservation plans and achievements. Greenpeace - you have my most sincere best wishes; I just hope you have not bitten off more than you can chew on this visit, with “No Feeding the Fish & No Smoking on the Beaches.” Being two their latest conservational achievements.

The 10th of June saw the passing of my fishing partner of more than a dozen years, Nareen. R.I.P., my friend, you will be a sad loss to the fishing community, even though you could get sea-sick on a jetty. Condolences to his family, please know, I will also miss him.

Mid-month, toward the end of Ramadan, the hatches were well truly batoned as the island’s west coast received its annual onslaught from the sea. So here we go again, more flip-flops on the beaches and you have no idea how difficult it is to find a PAIR. --- While looking, --- I said to a guy I met on the beach “I see you’ve lost a flip-flop.”  No mate” was the reply. I’ve just found one. – Or - the one-legged Irish pirate, Long Sean O’Silva, who ordered a pair of flip flips.

Amazingly I had two separate inquiries to go out fishing during the big storm which resulted in 3meter X 7second seas, I explained the weather was too bad, to the extent of being bloody dangerous. As if they couldn’t look out of the window and get hit by a falling tree -- With a bit of luck.

Unlike a few years ago, it is now blatantly obvious to me, it takes extremely little brain power to travel the world these days, especially when you watch the Chinese going out on speedboats during these atrocious conditions, at least the Thais and their other operating partners have their insatiable greed as an excuse for their corporate insanity.

Sticking with stupidity, discussing the state of the roads in Australia with a friend from down under, the now “Internationally Infamous” Chalong Circle reared its ugly head. Quote:-

“You could get the boats to leave from Rawai wharf. Oh wait - that was a project of the Chalong Underpass and Pier Building Company wasn’t it? Maybe the bloke who made your “Falkirk Wheel” has got a spare few days; he could create a dock down there!”

---   Cheers Roy.

Family fishing in Phuket

As regard this month’s fishing, the few boats that did go out said there is an abundance of Tuna, all around the 1.5kg mark as the young fish continue to put on weight, gorging themselves on Flying Fish and Squid before leaving the shallow, warm waters of the Andaman Sea and venturing out into the Indian Ocean.

As usual, right lines all round.


  1. (top) Mena 1 in her new livery leaving Chalong Pier.
  2. (above) The picture “family” this month is an oldie but goodie.

May Phuket Fishing Roundup

35kg giant trevally

Ahoy me hearties.

And with our entry into May, once again it coincided with the Tuna Bashing Season, more small tuna, around 1K, than you can shake yer boson’s mate at.

Freshwater fishermen are renowned for keeping their favorite fishing hole/spot a closely guarded secret, often becoming extremely annoyed if anyone else happens along by chance. This for obvious reasons rarely happens at sea with all the modern technology, GPS Etc. but following on from my “Burma Banks” article last month, I just was advised of an exceptional find “marked” by Thai 2 On, which for the third year running has come up a winner with one or two large billfish caught on every occasion. Skipper “Ian” has nicknamed this hot-spot “The Big Drop Off” as it goes off the scale on his depth sounder at 350 meters which means you can’t hang about overnight unless you have a sea anchor or a skyhook. Found by accident due to a foul-up at the Myanmar Immigration which changed the boat’s customary course when heading to the Banks, this “Holy Grail” of fishing is now it’s “A Must” for T2On en route to and from the Banks.

Congratulations to Daniel Johannson who has just caught the biggest Halibut ever,  “tagged and released”, a monster at 462lbs not bad with the world record standing at 515lbs. Wait till you catch it next time Danny Boy. For those “warm-water” fishermen who don’t know what a Halibut looks like, here’s one we prepared earlier. Picture courtesy of “Big” Bo Neff our longtime resident “cold-water” pro.

Not to be outdone I went out mid-month with a couple of my pals on Mena 2 and pulled in a huge, by local standards, GT (Giant Trevally) estimated at 30/35kgs, a personal best, which will feed me and most of my neighbors for the next week or so. Caught on a steel line and my mate’s Rapala, I had a 40-minute fight on a 50lb leader. Photo above for all those septics who demand photographic evidence, another one for the anals.

Overheard in a restaurant: - Customer “What’s wrong with this fish?” Waiter “Long time no sea, sir.”

Finally, if you are wondering about why I included a catch report from the other side of the world – “I only did it, for the HALIBUT.” Ouch!

As usual, keep yer rods bent yer lines tight and send in any decent catch reports, as I can’t guarantee my luck every month.

‘One of the world’s best’

Right now fishing in Phuket has never been better, everything, with the exception of Wahoo, being caught regularly. The island even got a mention in Marlin Magazine, “Phuket, one of the world’s best Sailfishing destinations”.

As the month progressed I had the opportunity of going out, luckily rain-free – surprising as it is now “high” season – someone tell the weather Gods. The fishing was poor, although fish were to be seen everywhere as it’s now the spawning season for Tuna and what predator in its right mind wants chase a lure while they are surrounded by dinner?

You can’t miss them, but only the bigger ones were biting. So the score on the day was 4-3, with a 4-kilogram Tuna and a big Queenie, that’s not forgetting breaking a hook on a rather large Sail.

As I regularly remind folks, usually for conservation reasons, the Andaman Sea is the nursery of the Indian Ocean and this is seeing that nursery in action, moving into full steam ahead. With bait-fish everywhere it’s a bit like trying to catch smoke, you know it’s there, but…

At the time of submitting this article I have no information on the PST competition, but from what I can gather Marlin, Cobia and Sailfish were about but fishing in general was slow, as climate change continues to disrupt what we have come to expect at this time of year.

Last month I wrote about fishing myths and folklore so this month I thought I would recount a couple of other obscure things I have been asked about or told:

Fishing? I can’t be bothered learning lots of different knots.”

In reality, only one (the “Uni Knot”) or possibly two knots are all you need to know for: line-reel, line-swivel and line-hook connections, and even then that’s what your “decky” is for, this plus leader knots, boat knots and so on. I remember someone once told me, I couldn’t tie a “Bimini Twist”, as if that knowledge made you a better fisherman.

I believe your love of fishing and your catch reports speak for themselves. So don’t be put off big game fishing because some “wannabe” made it sound complicated. On charter boats you just look and learn, remembering more often than not novices run off with the prizes.

Another thing which has come up, more than once: People stop reeling in, stating, “I’ve lost the fish, the line’s gone slack.” This reminds me of a very grateful client who once was told, in no uncertain terms, to reel-in like hell, only to find a big King Mac just about in his lap.

I seem to get this fairly regularly as newbies tend to forget, these fish are faster than the boat, which is often stopped, and it never seems to occur to them that the fish might be heading right up their stern.

This month’s fishing humour comes from Jasper Forde – Shades of Gray.

You see? I know where every single book used to be in the library,” she pointed to the shelf opposite.

Over there was Catch-22, which was a hugely popular fishing book and one of a series, I believe.”

Tight lines.

September Fishing Report

Mid-month we were surprised on how many boats went out considering the weather which was only fit for oilskins and sou-westers, this plus the severe lack of tourists not counting the Chinese hoards whose buses in conjunction with the traffic management system exasperates the massive traffic problems at the Chalong Circle construction site, which is the only “bus” access to the pier and parking.

It’s great to be able to advise everyone that all the boats who did get out and “report in“ described  excellent fishing with Tuna, Dorado and King Mac’s being the most prevalent catch with jigging pulling in a few GT’s off Racha Noi and the Sails are still out there boys, moving north-east from Racha.

At the end of last month just after I had submitted my previous article, Ian Tubby of “Thai 2 On” fame sent me a report from “Malinda” and a picture (right =>) of one of the biggest King Macs seen locally for a long time 20kgs caught by his pal Uli off “Green Island” Raya, one of three caught that day.

Not to be outdone Mena 1 reported, 2 - Sails, 1 – very large Rainbow, 6 - Dorado and over a dozen good sized Tuna, as Paul Long single-handedly filled the ice box. (right =>)

While nature continues to empty Davy Jones’s locker over Phuket, this is NOTHING compared to the other numerous and uncommon disasters world-wide. All this while America continues to remain in the throes of a nasty bout of the DT’s as their C.I.C. continues to believe global warming is a Chinese hoax. Is he waiting for the water to be up to the mark on the Washington Monument before he reconsiders his stand on fossil fuels? At least he now knows that NATO is not an operation on the foot.

Eric Smulders and his mate David Caduhal took out Eric’s young grandson (boat not named) and pulled in a King Mac just under the 20kg mark, a dangerous beastie at 1.47m with a mouth and teeth to match (<= left). Proving once again, big game fishing is all about adrenalin. Bet that had yer pump working overtime guys, time for a beer.

Staying with America, did you know that you can get a certificate from M.I.T. - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - one of the top educational institutions in the U S of A who will certify you as a Pirate? – Seriously - No Joke - check it out - Certificate enclosed with the name changed,  ”to protect the innocent” and it’s not from Khao San Road either. From what I can gather, following torturous enquiries is that: - if you can sail, fence, fire a pistol and shoot an arrow to their standards, according to MIT’s literature you are certifiable. Sounds like the Press Gang just ran out of boats looking for pressed labour and found a nice new earner.

To all me fishin buddies, a pirate question:-  “If you could marry a super model, or go fishing every day, what would you choose:-  salt water or fresh?” This is an excellent example of “pirate philosophy” which is “The phine art oph philling the brain with phact-phree conjecture. Which reminds me, I’ll have to get my teeph phixed? Bet you didn’t know pirates once had wooden wallies “false teeth” to eat with, made by the ship’s carpenter and if the prices here keep going up I might be looking for a wee bit of mahogany which unlike monogamy is relatively common here.

While on the subject of old and decrepit it was Jez’s birthday at the end of last month and many of the worthies from the fishing fraternity turned up at Chalong Fishing Park to celebrate his half century along with a few certified (able) dignitaries such as myself, thanks to all. Jez also hosted the monthly fishing competition, with Walkabout Bar just nicking the No 1. Slot leaving the “Black Spot” for the Blind Pews of “The Islander” which actually caught more fish and the biggest thanks to Tony a first time angler who ran away with the prize for most fish and biggest fish. Weef was the man of the match for the “Walkabout” who accumulated more points due to the variety of fish caught which were “recorded” on a points system. The next competition is scheduled for the 6th of October, so come see me at “Jimmy’s Drift Inn” or Jez at the fishing park to register.

Once again me hearties, tight lines and keep yer powder dry.


*Header image - Blackbeard the Pirate - image in the public domain

July Phuket Fishing News

Ahoy once again Shipmates

Prior to the big mid-month storm, excellent fishing reports came in from Neill C. on Fish Eagle with a good sized Sailfish, Fish Eagle also released a young Black Marlin, while  Ali a pal from Qatar landed a nice King and Queen with Mena 1. and all the boats seemed to be impressed with the variety of species caught, Barras, big Long Toms, Rainbows, Dorado and of course lots of Tuna which all came in at around 2kgs. In fact the only thing not here at present seems to be Wahoo.

Following last month’s article about Jez at Chalong Fishing Park, I was reminded by Mike of EFT (Exotic Fishing Thailand) that I have not mentioned him since he added first class, lakeside, mountain-view, bungalows to his already magnificent and most scenic facilities, even if he did neglect to mention his latest Thai Cooking lessons for the wife / GF that doesn’t fish.

Although both venues are considered “fresh water fishing parks”, that’s where the similarity ends, with neither being at all comparable; it’s a bit like comparing the Cutty Sark to a canal barge (Sorry Jez – “quality” Thames barge.) While EFT should be on every keen, fresh water angler’s bucket list, for every conceivable reason including potential records, Jez’s place (Chalong Fishing Park) is “an affordable”, chill out, drop in and get your rod wet sort of watering hole with 20 / 40kg sized fish, relatively easy and plentiful sporting fish, nothing compared to EFT’s monster cats and Arapaima, but: –  “O’ Arrr, but ye gets what ye pays for”.    Details on Fresh Water Fishing.

Pirate’s philosophy

Between bells, speaking to an old Greek shipmate, he posed me the question.” Do you know we are all idiots?” “You mean, judging by the people we vote for and allow govern us?” I retorted. “Yea, your half right”. He replied. “It’s from an old Greek word, which basically means, everyone who is NOT a politician.” I looked it up – IT’S TRUE – and you wonder why there are pirates who like to run a finger up the mast from time to time.


September 19th – “Talk like a pirate day” – Admit it, it slipped your mind. — TRUE – newsflash from America

Since the demise of the Phuket Fishing Club and its associated “Phuket Classic” fishing competition, I was even more saddened to read Uwe was winding up our only other major competition P.I.S.T. after 12 years at the wheel, but fear not me hearties I have been advised by Walter, the latest captain and CEO, a new and simplified P.I.S.T with a new name P.S.T.  (Phuket Sports-fishing Tournament) is now on the stocks and ready to launch. There will be a few cosmetic changes such as “all bill-fish to be released” – “increased points for all other species, except Tuna” and junior anglers can enter free and in unlimited numbers, (when accompanied by an adult I would presume,) are among the few rule changes. Registration will be from 3 -7pm on the 22nd November with fishing commencing on the 23rd for this 3 day event. The venue will be the same as before and further information, such as “early bird” etc. can be found at Phuket Sportsfishing Tournament on Facebook or e-mail Walter at

Staying with competitions, the “Islander – Rawai” and the “Walkabout – Karron” are having the second of their monthly “mini-comps” at Chalong Fishing Park later this month and any PB&FA  (Phuket Fishing & Boating Assn.)  Members wishing to join the fun can register at the park or either of the bars but please be quick, as there is a limited number of seats available at the lake.

This month’s side splitter:-

One day while driving home from his fishing trip with the Monsoon rains coming in horizontally, a local fisherman (Fred – name change to protect the innocent) got a flat on his bike just outside of a monastery. A sympathetic monk seeing his predicament came out and invited Old Fred inside to have dinner and to spend the night. Fred stranded and knackered after a day’s fishing gladly accepted the monk’s kind offer.
That evening overwhelmed by the most magnificent dinner of fish and chips he had ever tasted, he decided to compliment the chef.  Entering the kitchen, he asked the cook, “Are you the “fish friar?” “No,” the chef replied, “I’m only the chip monk.”O Arr!

The wife’s not here, so I’m off to box the compass.   (how many “old salts” remember that?)

Tight lines

May Fishing in Phuket

Once again shipmates, welcome aboard.

The scuttlebutt this month has been few and far between possibly due to the weather and the lack of “fishing” tourists, although that jammy dodger Mateus who pulled last month’s Marlin and the only one who reported in, informed me of a large Sail Fish this month, with some 30+ medium to small Tuna to help fill, once again, Mena 1’s fish box, Good old solid, dependable timber, I think “If God had wanted us to have fibreglass boats; he would have given us fibreglass trees”.

A few months ago I wrote about the “Kraken” a fictitious sea monster, which drew a considerable amount of attention, so this month, I decided to write about another monster of the deep. A beastie so cleaver it needs brains all over its body, how do you fancy a brain in all your appendages including your reproductive organ. A beastie with a cloak of invisibility that even Harry Potter would be jealous of and an escapologist who could give lessons to Houdini.  Guessed the name yet???

OK. How about a shape shifter that can mimic other species who learns by observation and is totally self-educated, as the female always dies subsequently to looking after her eggs until hatching. This exceptionally clever animal has its brains distributed throughout its body – try to imagine your arms and legs being able to “independently” touch, feel and taste – your toes in a trifle, a beer in one hand while doing a jigsaw with the other. This would be child’s play for this odyssey of the all the world’s oceans. Guessed yet, me seafairin, swashbuckling, maties?

More clues:- And for those of you who have been at sea too long, our hatchling even grows up to be featured in “Shunga” early 19th century Japanese  erotic art. They have three hearts and there are about 300 different species, all venomous, but only one dangerous, to humans.

Now I’ll make it easy for the landlubbers.

Our beastie is related to the oyster and squirts ink as part of its defensive strategy. He/she can fit through very narrow gaps or holes as long as it’s wider than the space between its eyes, hence they are never caught in traps unless they are taken by surprise when stealing bait. This seagoing cephalopod mollusc can swim, walk and is jet propelled, it has a powerful beak and eight arms and is a cousin to the squid and cuttlefish. Yes me hearties it’s the Octopus.

Well that’s it for this month shipmates, that’s me off for a bit of exercise. Where you may ask do pirates go to keep fit? O Arrr. It’s got to be – off to the Jim Lad!

Once again, tight lines to all.

July Fishing News

Deep sea fishing Phuket

Well me Hearties,

July went out with a lot of wind and hiss, didn’t it just. I was out with a couple of South African friends on a four day three night trip round the Koh Ha, Koh Rok, Hin Dang circuit in pretty “lumpy” conditions so much so that we had to run for cover at Phi Phi Island, when the seas rose to 3 meters 7 seconds, talk about adventure fishing! Sorry to say we had nothing sizeable to report although at Koh Ha we ran into a shoal of, good sized, Rainbow Runners and were pulling them in 3 or 4 at a time on multiple lines, something I have only experienced with large schools of Tuna. Considering the weather I was impressed with how stable Thai2On was under these atrocious conditions and how well the crew handled her. Well done guys. On the trip I was asked the old question, “What is worn under a Scotsman’s kilt” so I replied with the old adage, “Nothing, as everything’s in perfect working order.” OK so I’ve run out of pirate jokes.

Thai 2 On Fishing Charter Phuket

The beginning of August   saw a slight improvement in the weather and on a couple of day trips out Tuna were in abundance and Queen Marlin reported catching a Sail Fish as did another local Thai boat but I won’t mention them as they sadly landed it, unfortunately we never even got a smell of them, but that’s fishing for you.

July fishing expedition in waters off PhuketThe two main fishing clubs the RBFC (Rawai Beach Fishing Club) and the PGFC (Phuket Game Fishing Club) had a joint meeting at the end of July, to sort out some of their differences and there is now talk of more collaboration. The new president of the RBFC Dave “Flob” Roberts chaired the meeting and among the topics raised was doing a feasibility study on placing F.A.D.s (fish aggregating devices) around Phuket’s fishing grounds. The 2015 RBFC “Classic” Fishing Competition which has changed its previous dates to the 18th – 20th March to avoid Chinese New Year and accommodate our friends from Singapore etc. Fishing for kids (not literary) to promote the sport and a BBQ day for parents and kids where they could catch their own meals, while Mike Bailey from Exotic Fishing Thailand, which I wrote about last month, proposed a two day, fresh water, charity event at his extraordinary venue when all proceeds would be donated to the Make a Wish Foundation who make dreams come true for terminally ill children. Nice one Mike you have my backing and that of the Phuket News.

As usual, tight lines to all and let’s get out there as the weather permits.


Fishing News Phuket March 2014

Thailand sportsfishing

Well my fellow Ofishinados, these unrelenting winds refuse to leave our shores and persist much later, beyond the seasonal mid-day doldrums, making our sport much more challenging and downright uncomfortable at times with plenty of burley “sea-sick”, knitting “tangled lines” to the uninitiated and permanently wet shorts. On the few breaks, earlier in the Month, tuna were in abundance the largest around 3k but no reports of anything exceptional although something serious took a big lump out of a tuna we were reeling in.

There are still ripples on the water from last month’s RBFC Fishing Competition as stories continue to rise to the surface. NO, I don’t believe it was THAT big. “Between the eyes”, No Way!

Just after St. Paddy’s day we were out again with some friends from Singapore, the weather was overcast with slight wind, perfect conditions, and we landed around 40 Tuna before changing lures and searching for the big ones which refused the abundance of Tuna belly we offered on our troll lines. A great day was had by all despite the absence of screaming reels.

My birthday party is scheduled for April, and NO, I am not changing my pen-name to “The Ancient Mariner” as was mooted by so many young upstarts at the Drift Inn, I’m sticking with “Cast Away”, although, being Scots, I did like “Jock Cousteau”.

Cracking sailfish caught during the fishing tournamentI’m pleased to announce, Wahoo 4 is back in the water after a full refit and is once again available to the RBFC “Rawai Beach Fishing Club” on the last Sunday of each month as part of Wahoo’s continuing sponsorship of the club. Thanks guys, a great job and much appreciated.

Staying with boats, the fishing bargain of the month has to be “4 Reel” which is up for sale after sickening her owner by sinking at anchor in the last big storm. So if any of you locals with time on their hands and a reasonable amount of Baht want to land themselves a real good deal, let me know and I will pass on your interest. She is / was one of my very favorite boats, fast, maneuverable and very comfortable. I sincerely hope she will not be a sad loss to the Phuket fishing fleet.

Back to the ongoing chronicles of Chalong Pier, I see that the powers that be have added corruption to their problems of corrosion and pitiful constructions. It also beggars belief that the officer in charge of Chalong Police Station “knew nothing” of his station being used as part of the extortion racket; he’s obviously not a detective.

As usual, tight lines to all.


September Fishing Report

Family fishing tours

Hi again my Offishinado friends,

Well September 2013 was another nondescript month for fishing due to the inclement weather so I have decided to answer the most popular questions that I am regularly asked:-

Q. What can I catch and what are the odds of me catching one?

A. Without a doubt Tuna are the most common fish caught “trolling” in the Andaman Sea. Albacore or Long Fin as they are known locally are good eating and we regularly enjoy making sashimi with them as we travel to more distant fishing grounds.

The other frequently caught Tuna is the Short Fin “Skipjack or Bonito” which we favor for making “Belly Strip” bait, to troll from our outriggers when looking for larger pelagic fish such as Black Marlin, Sail Fish, Wahoo and King “Spanish” Mackerel. On overnight charters to the Similan Islands or Koh Rock / Koh Ha / Hin Daeng one might also encounter some of the larger Tuna such as Big Eye, Dog Tooth or Yellow Fin.

As big game fishing is a sport I often use a golfing analogy when giving the odds of catching something special. For example:- the King of our local fish is undoubtedly the Black Marlin which I compare to a hole-in-one and would give it 10 points on a difficulty rating with Sail Fish and Giant “GTs” Trevally coming a close second with 8 points. Wahoo and King Mackerel would come in around 6 and the smaller, more common, Tuna receiving only 1 point.

Between the 2 and 5 point’s scale, Rainbow Runners, Dorado, Queen Fish and Barracudas are also regularly caught.

In the 10/12 years I have been fishing “local” waters on single day trips to the Racha Islands etc. I have only caught 4 Marlin although your odds are greatly increased of encountering a large “Bill” fish if one were to venture further afield on an overnight voyage especially as dawn and dusk are normally the best fishing times. Unfortunately “day” boats normally like to be back in port around 5/6pm and don’t have the speed necessary to stay in the better fishing grounds beyond 3/4pm.

Tuna like most fish are available all year round with Sails being more prolific around June/July /August. October and April are also good months as that is when our weather “seasons” turns east/west – west /east and the water is not too warm. We have only two seasons here: – Hot and Hot, Wet & Windy, this month being in the latter, regrettably “windy” category, so not much fishing.

This month’s nautical funny – Sorry!

Pirate walks into Jimmy’s Drift Inn, the barman says. “Hi, long time no see, how are you keeping” the Pirate says: “Never felt better, me hearty.”Barman asks: “What about the leg?” Pirate: “Aarrr, shot off by a cannon ball, but they gave me this wooden one, feel great!” Barman: “What about the hand?” Pirate: “Aarrr, Lost that to a cutlass, big fight. But they gave me this hook and I feel great.” OK said the barman, “but I see you have lost an eye.” O Aarrr” Said the Pirate, “A seagull deposited in me eye and they gave me this patch.” A bird’s dropping doesn’t make you go blind” Said the barman. “Aarrr”, said the Pirate “ T’was the day after I got me hook.”

As usual, tight lines to all, (when you can eventually get out and off the hard.)


Picture :- One of our best days “The luck of the Irish” 5 Wahoo,1 King Mac, 1 Dorado and oodles of Tuna.