Begged, borrowed or stolen, revisited

Begged, Borrowed or Stolen, Revisited

Coming to the end of September things here have not improved as regard business, the boats are there, the fish are there, but where are the tourists.

The few boats that have ventured out report great fishing, which is normal for this time of year, but Thailand seems to be in the doldrums as everyone relying on the tourist trade will relate to. The exceptionally strong Baht, the ludicrous and confusing paperwork for travelling in Thailand, seasonal inclement weather and now the smoke haze from Indonesian fires are all having an adverse effect on our tourist figures, with the possible exception of the Chinese, who only seem to spend at the 7/11 and wander about in masks oblivious to traffic.

I recently posted to my Facebook page “Jimmy’s Drift Inn & Big Game Fishing” a lot of scenic pictures which I entitled “Begged, Borrowed or Stolen” this was so well received I thought I might try it again here in my blog as our beautiful scenery is so often overlooked when enthusing about fishing, so here goes (with a little extra help from Jesse Van Es, our resident National Park lurker):-

I sincerely hope you enjoyed these pics, all from here in the South of Thailand.

As usual, tight lines to all.

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