Well, me Fisheroos and fellow fish fumblers,

That’s me totally independent from the Phuket News as my articles are no longer required due to Exotic Fishing Thailand’s new advertising concept which obviously will concentrate on EFT’s Fresh Water fishing and being based on the mainland, not Phuket, I think Mike will have great difficulty in keeping his finger on the pulse and relating to the trials and tribulations of us “Phuket” Salt Water warriors.

From the limited amount of fishing reports, probably due to lack of tourists and not forgetting the weather, it’s great to pass on the news that the Sails are still here in abundance. As the old saying goes, “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good”. I just wish it wouldn’t blow just so strongly 555.

As October begins to bring the “low” season to an end as usual the sun-rise and sun-sets are at their most spectacular, the photographers dream season. Coming back to port with the sun setting behind Buddha Island, it was the most amazing sight as everything was bathed in the fiery light of the setting sun. As I often say, “Fishing is not always about catching fish”.

Fish (f i s) n.pl. - fish fish-es -  An animal that grows the fastest between the time it’s caught and the time the fisherman describes it to his friends.

For those of you familiar with fishinginphuket.com please be advised that the “Facebook” page “of the same name” is actually something else purloined by EFT, so hopefully this will give all you guys an' gals out there an insight into the character of someone I went out of my way to help when his business was in its infancy. So don’t be surprised if my Fresh Water reports come from closer to home in the future.

****STOP PRESS****
!!! Chalong Fishing Park now has Arapaima !!!

Sorry there was a severe dearth of jokes this month, hope this picture will suffice. – Contributions welcome.

As usual tight lines to all, well, nearly all

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