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Fishing – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Once again “felicitations” to all my fellow friends and fisher folk.

As usual at this time of year (August) unreliable weather curtailed some of the greatest fishing of the year as the fish, also as usual, are here in quantity as everyone who managed to get out between storms will confirm.

So this month starts completely differently as I am looking for someone, an enthusiastic big game fisher-person for a partner and potential successor, preferably with media skills to take over Jimmy’s Drift Inn & Big Game Fishing, as for health reasons I am now physically limited from getting on with the business, which combined my all-time favorite sports of drinking and sea fishing.

I would imagine the ideal candidate would be in his/her 50s, about the age of my son, someone who wants to live in paradise and loves Big Game Fishing. For the “right” person the financial commitment would be nominal as money at my stage in life is of little consequence.

For further details please send a quick résumé of your experience and ambitions to:- info@fishinginphuket.com

Jimmy's Drift Inn

And finally to my “friend” who publicly, on my business web site, takes the moral high ground on conservation, I would like to point out the double standards of an oil industry executive who has never commented on plastics, global warming or deforestation BUT: - Bitches about a dead Sailfish killed by an amateur customer on a boat I wasn’t even on, beggars belief.

We are destroying our planet with more than a little help from the oil conglomerates and you are attacking my small business over a fish, which I know you also have killed. What hypocritical BS!!!

On numerous occasions when one of the boats catches a load of Tuna, you disapprovingly call us “Tuna bashers” and declare this is not “Game” Fishing.

And now a boat I wasn’t even on gets your “customary disapproval” for “Game Fishing” and killing a Sailfish. Sorry, you can’t have it both ways.


How to support a friend's small business for free

Our “budget day” boats cater to our customers’ requirements and while experienced Game fisher-folks target, say Sails etc. many family groups with their kids want a fun day with plenty of action (tuna) on a boat half the price of your larger “overnight” boat.

Don’t tell us you never killed a billfish. Game fishing is a blood sport any way you look at it and because you ”like” billfish does not mean they are a protected species. As an IGFA member, please explain how you weigh a record fish?  Yes, I try to catch and release as much as possible but not being on the boats anymore it is difficult to keep up to your glorified and hypocritical standards.

My advertising however affects my livelihood and your “friendly comments” to my public web site is disparaging, negative and unhelpful to say the least.

Please – if you can’t say anything nice, a sad face will do. 🙁

Tight lines to most of you 🙂


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