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It’s Whoppers and Wahoos as high season gets close

Some time ago, while at sea, there was a radio message sent out to all boats in the vicinity: “Help! We have a woman who has gone into labour.” Our captain, with his medical knowledge, sped to the assistance of the lady in her time of need and delivered a baby boy.

When asked how much the baby weighed, he replied, “Just a moment, I’ll get my fishing scales.” Two minutes later, he announced that the baby weighed in at 27lbs 10oz (12.5 kg). Now that’s a whopper!

Moving into high season, be advised to book your boats well in advance due to the influx of touring anglers with the 22, 23, and 24 of November being nigh impossible due to the P.I.S.T. Competition.

Fishing wise, what a few months of weather we have had. They say a good ‘stir-up’ is good for the fishing and thus far it has definitely been good for Wahoo. This excellent eating fish has been in abundance with many serious and some not-so-serious boats reporting at least one a trip.

Next time you land a Wahoo, ask the boat boys to cut it into ¾ steaks for you. This makes it much easier to handle and gives you the opportunity to try some unusual ‘ship’s cooking’. Here’s a recipe:

Take a couple of extra steaks you fried and let them cool. Then, using your hands, break them up into a bowl, removing the skin and spinal bones. Add a small jar of mayonnaise and a splash of spicy Thai tomato sauce. Using a fork, mix it all into a coarse paste, salt and pepper to taste and you now have a fantastic Wahoo Fish Dip to go with Ritz crackers. Gives fishing a touch of class.

As the winds change from west to east and the surface water warms up, it is time to get the ‘rapalas’ out and go deeper. From experience I find red and white beasties to be the best for our waters, something I picked up from the local Rawai sea gypsies. Remember: “It’s not how deep you go, it’s the way you wiggle your worm!”

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