Shots fired as boats are being robbed Fri. 26th April

What an exciting end to April. Following a spate of thefts from boats, when Da Vinci’s silent alarm went off the captain went out to the boat to be greeted by gunfire. Police were alerted and the “late night” boys at the Chalong Beach bars witnessed a gun battle between the authorities and the pirates who had already knifed a Farang who was sleeping on his boat and surprised them as they came on board. All the culprits are now in custody so let’s hope all you guys from the PGFC (Phuket Game Fishing Club) get your gear back now that the water has cooled down after the rain and the fish are jumping again. Lots of GT’s (Giant Trevallies / Kingfish) around Buddha Island, and has anyone else noticed there seems to be many more Long Toms (Garfish / Sea Needles / Crocodile Fish ) than usual?

Even closer to home, for those of you who have been at my place, (Jimmy’s Drift Inn on Sai Yuan, Rawai) you may have notice that two large fish that were in my tropical aquarium are missing. I had mentioned to Bee, my bar manageress, that the two Giant Gouramies were getting a bit too big for the tank and I was going to give them to Buddha. (drop them in the lake) On hearing this one of my maintenance men asked if he could have them. He then proceeded to put them in a plastic bag with no water, when I asked. “What the H*** are you doing”. He replied. “Taking them home to eat”. T.I.T. This is Thailand.

My sincere apologies go out to my fellow fisheroos who missed April’s last Sunday of the month’s fishing trip courtesy of “Wahoo”. There was a serious breakdown in communications for which the RBFC, Wahoo and I can only say sorry and we will get you out ASAP. Commiserations also to Jan Andersen of the R.B.F.C (Rawai Beach Fishing Club) after his motorcycle accident, hope you get well soon and start pulling them in again.

And finally, Our joint birthday party (Martin, Laurence and Jimmy) on “Rosie’s Beach” Bon Island had an unexpected visitor, Melanie the Mermaid. No it wasn’t a mass hallucination brought on by copious amounts of alcohol as the pictures enclosed will confirm. The Sea Gypsies who handled the catering and acted as water taxies for the party, of about 40 revelers, were absolutely flipper-gasted.

Tight lines, Jimmy.

Melanie the Mermaid

Jim and Melanie the Mermaid

Melanie the Mermaid swimming in the water

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