Sailing into the sunset, Phuket Thailand

November Fishing 2015

Well me hearties,

November ended the way it started with the weather still not settling for “high” season.

It also started with Queen Akira, the new boat on the “Gottcha” fleet, bagging 4 Sails on her inaugural trip to Koh Ha, while yours truly released 3 Sails landed 2 King Macs and a Dorado and with a gang of locals on Mena 1 released a young Blue Marlin, the first anyone has heard of being caught north of the Racha Islands, everyone was reporting great fishing.

And so the stage was set for the annual P.I.S.T. (Phuket International Sports-fishing Tournament) competition.

On November the 19th day one of the Competition Sea Eagle with Capt. Inman loosed a broadside that devastated all the opposition, pulling Sails in port and starboard and even three at once, how’s that for line handling. Showing no quarter “hurricane Andrew” continued the onslaught over the next two days, in weather conditions that must have had the other competitors believing they were hallucinating.  “One or two were quite PIST.” Sea Eagle sailing to the finish line, “top heavy” with all the flags she was flying. If it wasn’t for their nationality it would have been like returning from Trafalgar.  A valiant effort.

So that’s us now polishing our rods until the next great competition, my personal favourite.

As it is a 3 day, potentially, “non-stop” tournament. For lazy old salts like myself, the PGFC’s “Similan Islands” competition is the most challenging “potentially bigger fish” while at the same time relaxing, for as you are permanently at sea and there is none of this, going to bed, getting up, going to the pier and provisioning the boat, every day.

Anyone interested should contact the Phuket Game Fishing Club as I believe there are a few individual places and space for a couple of boats. (Numbers are limited)

Sea Eagle, Phuket, ThailandSo once again me fisheroos I’ll sail off into the sunset, magnificent at this time of year, changing views, through the clouds on the horizon. Impressive.

I leave you with a photo of Sea Eagle as her crew launched their successful attempt at landing 3 Sailfish at one time. Well done “Hurricane” Andrew Inman.

Tight lines


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