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Sailfish Abound in the “PST” Fishing Comp.

Ahoy Maties,

Now, half way through the first month of “high” season and the wind and rain continue to reflect the world’s changing weather patterns. Fortunately, stormy conditions seem to favor the fish, well at least here in Phuket - slap dab in the middle of Thailand’s Andaman Sea, the nursery of the Indian Ocean.

November is always an easy month to write about due to our annual fishing competition feeding me lots of seasonable “stocking fillers” and the 22nd saw the start of the PST competition (Phuket Sports-fishing Tournament) which last year saw Fish Eagle running away with it and judging from their recent fishing repots once again looking favorite, but fishing’s fishing and there are some seriously able hands out there.

Day one confirmed that fishing was excellent with the first three boats amassing nearly 900 points and Fish Eagle, as predicted, taking 500 of these in order to keep their bow in front of the rest of the fishing fraternity. While Jez from “Chalong Fishing Park”, on board Thai 2 On and in the height of a squall, helped them squeeze into second place with his first Sailfish, apparently he was over the moon – yea I bet that made a change from Tilapia. 555

Andrew, skipper of Fish Eagle
The oilfield hookers

Another pal Laust Bendiksen, (who seems to be some kind of lucky charm) and a keen international fisherman went out as a guest on the first day with the Russian Team (Ardent Anglers) followed, the next day by the favorites “Fish Eagle” crewed the Irish Team with US and Chinese help - Team (Fish Eagle) And to show you what a fluky flounder he is, on the last day he coached our old shipmates on “Thai 2 On” Team (Oilfield Hookers) who came in 3rd with the other two boats coming 1st (Fish Eagle) and 2nd (Ardent Anglers). Laust reported three very different and enjoyable days on Phuket’s premier fishing competition, vowing, like McArthur, to return.

Joke of the week – is still the Chalong Circle.

As usual, tight lines all round

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