Sailfish caught off Phuket 2015
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Fishing News October 2015

Greeting and salutations my fellow fisher-folk, it’s great to be back.

Sad to say, I may not be attending the upcoming Phuket “Classic” Fishing Competition as the “powers that be” in my absence, decided to save money and not have a weigh-in-boat / mother-ship thereby ruling out single engine boats with no sleeping accommodation. Personally I liked the atmosphere and comradery of staying on the mother-ship and I saw it as an intrinsic part and one of the better aspects of this competition. Not everyone wants to “night” fish especially after a hard day at sea and I don’t see jigging etc. as that important as single engine boats have always been in the prize money despite not night fishing.

The end of September and beginning October we were literary overshadowed by a huge polluting smog. It seems every year Indonesia acts in a delinquent manner and farts in the faces of her neighbours. In my case it obscured my visual navigation forcing me to use sat/nav. although I do know “exactly” where I would like to stick that carbon footprint.

2 sailfishEarly in October with my pal David, we pulled in 4 Sails out of 6 hits, (2 DOA’s & 2 released) plus 2 Dorado and a King Mackerel for good measure on the way home, best fishing for a long time, despite the smog. (photos enclosed) Exactly a week later in clear weather, same boat / crew, only 6 Tuna 1 Dorado, but that’s fishing.

I was talking to my old pal George the other day who recounted a great fishing tale.

Apparently while out bottom fishing for Cod (England) one of his fellow fisheroos while being seasick, and to the great amusement of his shipmates, lost his false teeth to Davy Jones. A short time later another fisherman pulled in a large Cod and decided to pull a practical joke on his unfortunate companion by placing his false teeth in the Cod’s mouth. “OMG” he shouted “look what the Cod had in its mouth”. At this the first fisherman grabbed the teeth washed them over the side and put them in his mouth, whereupon he declared “they’re not mine” and threw them into the briny, much to the consternation of the now “ Mr. Gumsy”  no. 2.

At the very end of the month instead of the Smog we were inundated “as usual” by all kinds of rubbish as the tides and winds, continued to do as they please awaiting Mother Nature, who like most women, was having a bloody good dither while deciding the date the Easterlies should change to West for the “natural” start to our summer season. (Remember rubbish = Dorado)

So that’s me back me old shipmates, so once again you can start letting me know of your catches, news or any other “printable”  scuttlebutt related to fishing in Phuket and I will be completely discombarnicalized.

Tight lines to all


PS Tight lines to all the entrants in this month’s PIST Competition, registration on the 18th.

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