Phuket: Crocodile catch startles Similan sport fishermen

A Happy New Year to all my Ofishinadoe friends – “And may yer tackle rarely fanckle.”

Salt Water Crocodile – caught off the Similan Islands – First reports of Crocodiles in the vicinity of this very popular diving area.

When newbie’s come to Phuket Island and get over their culture shock, they regularly ask. “What’s big game fishing like?” I often answer, “Its 90% relaxation 8% adrenalin and 2% sheer terror”. To prove my point, there is a great video on Youtube with a 600lb Black Marlin jumping on to the boat and creating havoc which is well worth a watch, but our local Beer-a-cudas from the PGFC  (Phuket Game Fishing Club)recently had their own scary few minutes of fame, on a trip to the Similan Island FADs. (Fish Aggregating Devices)

In a previous article I recall mentioning the drawing power of red & white Rapalas and these boys proved I was not kidding when theirs snagged a 3m salty “salt water crocodile” which they fought until their Thai crew ran for cover as the monster came up from the depths. Captain Zow wisely cut the leader as his boat, although superbly equipped, was not set up for unwanted pets or  the production of crocodile shoes and handbags. Yea, strange thing happen at sea!  Colin, sorry to hear about your injury, but it could have been worse  :–  Tick-Tock in the Croc.

Neill Campbell, who seems to be getting more than his fair share of mentions lately, after getting over the shock of the croc, landed a 4.8k Rainbow Runner which must be a record for our waters.

Similan Fishing
Neill Campbell with his “local record” Rainbow Runner.

Personally on the last few days “day” fishing out of Chalong the catches have been mediocre as we have been trolling in high water, low tides being the best, that said, we had a young lady out on her first Sports Fishing adventure and caught a 5/6kg King (Spanish) Mackerel, not bad at all for your first fish Trisha , it put your Dad to shame.

The RBFC’s  (Rawai Beach Fishing Club) last Sunday in the month’s fishing trip is proving so popular that January’s boat has now become 4 boats and they are having a “warm up” mini competition to get ready for the big event of the year, Wahoo 2013. Thirty plus boats with international contestants competing for around Three Million Baht’s worth of prizes. I know of at least one team who are already working on their secret weapons. This contest always proves to be great fun and if you are all waiting with baited breath for my next article be advised, it will be late, as the Phuket News’s deadline comes a poor second to fishing. Read all about it next month’s Phuket fishing revelations.

Once again a Happy New Year to all, tight lines and keep the stories and tall tales coming in.


A fine catch off the Similan Islands
Young Trisha with her very “first” fish - a King (Spanish) Mackerel.

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