No Fish

Hi again my fellow ofishinadoes.

March was a very poor fishing month, being in the hottest period of the year. Yes me hearties, fishing’s been as tough as trigonometry, with the high water temperature, (31C surface and 29C at 10 meters – normal 28C) and it was also suggested it was the spawning season for the Tuna as we could see them but rarely did they go for lures but this did not deter two members of the P.G.F.C. (Phuket Game Fishing Club). These intrepid anglers decided to go further afield in search of the “big” one and ended up at Bungsamran near Bangkok where they landed a 109 Kilo Giant Mekong Catfish only 8 Kilos short of the world record of 117 Kilos which was caught closer to home at Gillham’s Resort, Krabi.

Our pal Uwe, also looking for some sizeable beasties, took M.V.Hooker to the Andaman Islands and came back sporting a 100 Kilo Dogtooth Tuna among his other trophies, while M.V. Dorado on the same trip had to return on one engine and more than their fair share of electrical problems, hard luck guys, the Andaman Islands, while being the ultimate in fishing for our local boats, are always an extremely tough trip.

I see the Sea Gypsies are under fire again, for using their traps and catching reef and undersize fish thereby reducing the fish stocks. Who dreams up this nonsense? Obviously not someone who has been at sea, surrounded by commercial trawlers. Please- keep up to date with the plight of the Gypsies and their fight to keep their land in Rawai from falling into the hands of developers. They are part of the Island’s culture. Make your thoughts known as many now have “Save the Sea Gypsies”.

And how about yesterday, (Wed 17th) a quick glimpse as a big fish went screaming by my bar in the back of a pick-up WITH A POLICE ESCORT lights flashing, ME MAW – ME MAW. Consumed with curiosity and on further investigation we are led to believe 3 dolphins were washed up at the shore in Nai Harn. Two were released back to sea and the third had been injured on the rocks and apparently that was the poor beastie we saw screaming down Sai Yuan on the way to the Marine Biology Dept. at the Aquarium. Well done police and best of luck Flipper.

Last but not least:- Heard about the guy who put his boat in for repair? He was told the boat would be ready on Wednesday but unfortunately he was called away on business and when he arrived on the Friday, to pick it up, his boat was on the slipway, completely surrounded by wet cement. They had decided to repair the slipway, all but the part his boat was parked on, right in the middle. I have been advised there is a word in Thai for logic.

Tight lines to all.


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