June Fishing Report

Well me Cockle Shell Heroes,

May and the beginning of June was like dropping  anchor in sunny Glasgow waiting for a break in the clouds which never came, but on the positive side, we are now proud to announce that the “Chalong Fishing Park” lake is now full to capacity and as “Jez” can’t quite yet afford to retire on the money from the new overflow pipe water, he would like to encourages all you local fisher-folks  to come visit, drink, or drop a line, and he will promise to stop his “rain dancing” which was so necessary as the new loch (Scottish for lake) settled down.

This brings me to the Native American I met last week. This cheeky, one eyed, Indian tried to tell me that he was also a pirate and went on to explain, he was half Eye Patchy. Lord, do they get worse?

After being accused a month or so ago of deviating from my remit of writing on the subject of “Fishing in Phuket” and as there’s not much happening at sea I thought this month I would venture into the realms of international politics, Mr Trump in particular.

Shiver me Timbers!

Having watched Trump’s maiden voyage to the Middle East and Europe and his childish refusal to listen to anything related to global climate change, it occurred to me this would be the perfect excuse for me to become a “political pirate” and try to defend Mother Nature against the ravages of this egotistical “Typhoid Mary” of a president who continues to give the rest of the world the “Black Spot” or in modern jargon “The Finger”, which could lead to the end of sea sports as we know them, as the sea floors turn to desert and ocean life, born in these dying nurseries, becomes extinct.

Taking the Andaman Sea as an example, we have to appreciate that this “shallow” sea is more vulnerable than most to the warming effects of climate change, and the coral bleaching around the Similan Islands a few years ago, was an obvious illustration, that global warming is a fact and not fiction which seriously affected our local diving /tourist businesses.

While the Thai authorities restrict visitors from certain marine national parks in a bid to conserve their irreplaceable treasures, more real and irreparable damage will be done to our reefs if America and other short-sighted countries continue to pump CO2 into the atmosphere.

Thailand’s Andaman Sea being tropical, given time could actually be the saviour of the oceans as there are Andaman Corals which can withstand small temperature increases beyond that which can be tolerated elsewhere, but I am even more pessimistic now than ever that science has the time to clone, graft or otherwise export this natural advantage to the rest of the world’s seas before the impending catastrophe where three quarters of the earth’s surface and 50% of our oxygen source  is decimated by a “Put America First” slogan.

Although I appreciate the argument that the world has seen dramatic temperature changes in the past, but Trump does not seem to comprehend these happened over a considerable timescale which allowed the sea-life to change and slowly adapt to present day conditions, but this “man-made” global change is happening at a rate of knots that even Mother Nature just can’t keep pace with.

It has to be appreciated, that ALL ecosystems are single intrinsic units and by killing any part of the system you destroy the entire structure.

To put things into perspective, it has been 3 million years since the CO2 content of the atmosphere was as high as it is right now, making 2015 “globally” the hottest year in recorded history and 2016 surpassing even that with projections for 2017 looking worse as our CO2 emissions continue unabated.

It’s crazy, President Trump on one hand enthusiastically supports and encourages the scientific community when it designs new and more devastating weapons of war, but when it comes to “climate change”, scientists are treated like hostile, political, opposition, who, like all politicians are more than capable of dishonesty and fabrication. However, “everyone” should know:-  Science is incapable of lying, as everything in science has to be proven and repeatable, with all the relevant information available and open to all. To me this only confirms that the American administration has a gaping crater in its logic, about the size of the hole in the ozone.

Until a few years ago any local fisherman could tell you what to fish to expect at any particular time of the year, as up until then fish were predictable, but this is no longer the case, so this, plus looking at the television news, or even just gazing out the window recently, convinces me that Mr Trump has got to get his head out of his stern – ASAP.

As usual, tight lines to all and get out there, while the going is “still” good.

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