WAHOO / RBFC 2013 Fishing Competition.

There is an old saying which begins, “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day”. The Queen Marlin team won a prize for altering this old adage by changing “Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime” to:- “Give a man to fishing rod and he will drink beer indefinitely”.

Although the Wahoo Competition has some serious rivalry and to my mind the best of the year, it is also the greatest fun as the boats pull up to the Mother Ship (MV Phoenix) to weigh in their catch – What a load of FS “same as BS but fishier”. In reality there were 3 Marlin and 5 Sails tagged and released but to hear the stories, half the boats had Moby Dick chewing on their leaders while the balance blamed blunt gaffs and faulty hooks.

Personally I was a bit miffed not to be called to the rostrum for the largest fish of the tournament, “possibly joint biggest”, with a 2.2 Meter Sailfish, measured from the tip of the bottom jaw to the inside of the V in the tail. (IGFA rules) Unfortunately the competition rules were for the most, caught and released and the Captain Hook’s team got two babies – sour grapes J well done Capt. Hook Grrrrr.

Originally posted in the Phuket News

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