Rainy season fishing

Rainy Season Fishing Begins

Hi once again my fellow Ofishinadoes.

May started with very hot weather, it was like fishing in a sauna as we moved through the transition of our two seasons. The humidity was so great I reckon all the fish found a quiet place to come out of the water for a look around. Well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

In a recent article I wrote that the fastest fish in the sea is a Sail Fish. Sorry Neill, I do not stand corrected, Motorpikes don’t count.

Mid-month with a few friends from Singapore, we ventured out between storms and landed around a dozen 2 to 3k Tuna, we spotted Sailfish but that was as close as we got as we had to return to port missing the Sailfish’s favorite meal time, dusk, in order to meet my friend’s return flight.

Freshwater fishing in Phang Nga, ThailandWith the continuing inclement weather a few of us decided to investigate a new “fresh water” fishing park in Phang Nga about a 2 hour drive north from our base in Chalong. Talk about “The Land that Time Forgot”, well we found it! Even before we starting fishing the scenery had us gobsmacked as the lake is completely surrounded by a huge cliff face on one side and massive tree covered mini-mountains on the other three. Prehistoric beasties would not look out of place in this seriously impressive landscape but fortunately for us ardent anglers, the only monsters were in the lake and could be seen regularly breaking the surface.

We were greeted by Ross, the senior guide, who showed us to our individual Salas, two rods each, (Carp and predator) a large assortment of baits and the obligatory ice box got us started fishing. Personally I started slowly and swallowed my pride and a few beers as my buddies pulled in numerous assorted species, (60+ available) but as the day progressed Phang Nga fresh water fishing lakemy tally grew to 1 Piriaba Catfish, 1 “rare” Giant Feather Back, 1 Tiger Shovel Nose Cat. 2 Asian Red Tail Cats, and my “fish of the month” a large Arapaima around 50/60 kgs, only to be advised there are fish twice that size and possible world records patrolling the lake. I cannot sing the praises of Exotic Fishing Thailand’s facilities high enough, everything was available and nothing was too much trouble. Venue 10 out of 10 – Fishing 10 out of 10. My friends and I are all veteran fishermen and the general consensus of opinion was, “never in our combined experience have we ever encountered such a magnificent fishing location”. Thanks Colin and Neill what a great day.

Pirate joke of the month: – Young Glasgow boy dressed as a pirate:- Man says “where are your buccaneers”? Boy replies “Under me buccanhat”.

That’s me off now to sample the hospitality at Class Act Media’s annual party at the Blue Elephant Governor’s Mansion. So see you all again when I surface.

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