Fishing in the Andaman Sea

Burma Banks vs. Andaman Islands

Hi once again my fisherooing friends,

Between storms, as usual, fishing improved dramatically for those with the sea-legs to go out in 7-8 second swells which mid- month kept the boats in port when they exceeded 2.5 meters.  So what do fishermen do when the sea is too rough to get out, polish their rods? Well in my case I spent time looking at the projections for next high season and as the local fishing stocks are becoming more and more depleted started thinking about the prospects of going further afield.

The Burma Banks as an alternative to the Andaman Islands.

With the easing of Myanmar restrictions some of our boats are now looking into the logistics of fishing “a billfish bonanza” The Burma Banks, so if anyone, out there, knows where to get all the “official” Myanmar paperwork etc. for this proposed venture, any information would be most appreciated.

Situated about half the way to the Andaman Islands this amazing series of underwater mountains covering some 1,500 square kilometers, 180KM north west of the Similan Islands is probably the only place in the Andaman Sea where the commercial trawlers have not raped and pillaged what was once our abundant sea life, as the mountain rise from around 350M to just 15M below the surface effectively prohibiting net “trawling”, not to be confused with our sports “trolling”.

While we are all aware Big Game fishing, at this level, is expensive The Burma Banks should considerably reduce costs of the only other world class, adventure fishing, venue within the range of our boats as they will use less fuel and our clients will not have the expense of flying to India and from there to Port Blair to meet our boats at the Andaman Islands. With this new proposed scheme it is envisaged that next “high” season guests will be taxied to Ranong, on the Thai /Myanmar border to “checked out” and then taken across to Kawthaung to clear Myanmar customs, and from there strait out 100/200KM to the “banks”. As there is no “cover” for safety reasons the boats will only be traveling this distance,” to the middle of nowhere”, between mid- February till mid-April when the weather is more or less guaranteed.  Again, any information on the above would be most appreciated.

This month’s joke. Now that Burma has changed its name to Myanmar, does that mean the Burmese are now to be referred to as Myanmartians?

Club News

The PGFC (Phuket Game Fishing Club) has had to temporarily restrict the opening hours of their club house, The Gaff, due to illness as that exultant Irishman Laurence Walker is now back in the UK under medical supervision. Having talked to him a few days ago he is as optimistic as ever and hopes to be back in Phuket in a couple of months. All the best M8 all your pals are rooting for you.

The R.B.F.C. (Rawai Beach Fishing Club) announced at their AGM that their annual “Classic” (Similan Islands) Fishing Competition will change its normal dates to the 18/19/20th March 2015. The committee, with full approval, decided they wished to avoid Chinese New Year to accommodate all their friends from Singapore and Hong Kong. It was also muted that they expected much better fishing at that time of year. Well for our puddle plonking “executives” anything has to be better than their previous performance Tee Hee. Better luck next year guys, need some tips?  Following the AGM at Jimmy’s Drift Inn we all departed for our “official” club house The Paradise Bar, Rawai as it was Annie’s birthday and a great time was had by all, with no seats available by 7.30 just demonstrating the popularity of this charismatic young  (by my standards) lady. Happy birthday Annie.

Tight lines


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