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Jimmy's Drift Inn

Ahoy Shipmates,

Once again welcome aboard the SS Jimmy’s Blogg.

I like October here in Phuket as the rain now falls mostly at night, leaving the air fresh and clean and, being still “low” season, the traffic, with the exception of the Chalong Circle “Saga”, is much easier to navigate than in our busy “high” season where worlds often collide as many tourists don’t seem to know what day it is, never mind what side of the road to drive on. Talk about the “Yellow Peril”!

Information:- Same as UK –LEFT- for all my friends in the cooler corners of our plastic coated planet.

Having read the Phuket News’s inaugural article from the “Puddle Jumper” up the road, I might be biased, but a magazine in a dentist’s surgery sprang to mind. How about fishing - things like: - “Maggots for live baiting or burly. Or - How to avoid opportunists nibbling on your bait”? I feel this would be much more pertinent and topical. But there again, what does a seventy year old “pirate” know about such things - writing, fishing and the-such.

I found these just too cute not to include in this month’s blog

Mid-month and the bilge pumps were once again running full tilt, pumping more rain water than sea - See that martinet Trump - ought to get keel-hauled over his attitude to our deteriorating weather conditions, one good thing though, just look at our sunsets between storms.

Jimmy’s Drift Inn like all the other bars has been very quiet, which is just as well since the local council decided to clean the roadside drains - and Thailand being what it is, it took a JCB, a mini equivalent, a 6 wheel lorry and a myriad of welly wearing Thais (and they call us Jocks “Sweaty Socks”). Amusing to watch but blocked the road for most of the day and now I know why the power cables are out of reach, as these guys are head down and go for it.

Jez at Chalong Fishing Park just advised us he has just upped his fish stocks by introducing 300kgs of Striped Cats and another 40 Mekong Cats. He is also “quite chuffed” as the lake just broke the 40kg barrier with a very nice Mekong. Not bad at all for such a new lake, keep up the good work M8.

As usual, tight lines to all,


Not to be confused with “Facebook’s” Fishing in Phuket an unprincipled, pond fishing outfit in Pang Na, well outside Phuket, who appropriated our web-site name, rather than use their own, to add credibility to their business when they were starting up.

July Phuket Fishing News

Ahoy once again Shipmates

Prior to the big mid-month storm, excellent fishing reports came in from Neill C. on Fish Eagle with a good sized Sailfish, Fish Eagle also released a young Black Marlin, while  Ali a pal from Qatar landed a nice King and Queen with Mena 1. and all the boats seemed to be impressed with the variety of species caught, Barras, big Long Toms, Rainbows, Dorado and of course lots of Tuna which all came in at around 2kgs. In fact the only thing not here at present seems to be Wahoo.

Following last month’s article about Jez at Chalong Fishing Park, I was reminded by Mike of EFT (Exotic Fishing Thailand) that I have not mentioned him since he added first class, lakeside, mountain-view, bungalows to his already magnificent and most scenic facilities, even if he did neglect to mention his latest Thai Cooking lessons for the wife / GF that doesn’t fish.

Although both venues are considered “fresh water fishing parks”, that’s where the similarity ends, with neither being at all comparable; it’s a bit like comparing the Cutty Sark to a canal barge (Sorry Jez – “quality” Thames barge.) While EFT should be on every keen, fresh water angler’s bucket list, for every conceivable reason including potential records, Jez’s place (Chalong Fishing Park) is “an affordable”, chill out, drop in and get your rod wet sort of watering hole with 20 / 40kg sized fish, relatively easy and plentiful sporting fish, nothing compared to EFT’s monster cats and Arapaima, but: –  “O’ Arrr, but ye gets what ye pays for”.    Details on Fresh Water Fishing.

Pirate’s philosophy

Between bells, speaking to an old Greek shipmate, he posed me the question.” Do you know we are all idiots?” “You mean, judging by the people we vote for and allow govern us?” I retorted. “Yea, your half right”. He replied. “It’s from an old Greek word, which basically means, everyone who is NOT a politician.” I looked it up – IT’S TRUE – and you wonder why there are pirates who like to run a finger up the mast from time to time.


September 19th – “Talk like a pirate day” – Admit it, it slipped your mind. — TRUE – newsflash from America

Since the demise of the Phuket Fishing Club and its associated “Phuket Classic” fishing competition, I was even more saddened to read Uwe was winding up our only other major competition P.I.S.T. after 12 years at the wheel, but fear not me hearties I have been advised by Walter, the latest captain and CEO, a new and simplified P.I.S.T with a new name P.S.T.  (Phuket Sports-fishing Tournament) is now on the stocks and ready to launch. There will be a few cosmetic changes such as “all bill-fish to be released” – “increased points for all other species, except Tuna” and junior anglers can enter free and in unlimited numbers, (when accompanied by an adult I would presume,) are among the few rule changes. Registration will be from 3 -7pm on the 22nd November with fishing commencing on the 23rd for this 3 day event. The venue will be the same as before and further information, such as “early bird” etc. can be found at Phuket Sportsfishing Tournament on Facebook or e-mail Walter at

Staying with competitions, the “Islander – Rawai” and the “Walkabout – Karron” are having the second of their monthly “mini-comps” at Chalong Fishing Park later this month and any PB&FA  (Phuket Fishing & Boating Assn.)  Members wishing to join the fun can register at the park or either of the bars but please be quick, as there is a limited number of seats available at the lake.

This month’s side splitter:-

One day while driving home from his fishing trip with the Monsoon rains coming in horizontally, a local fisherman (Fred – name change to protect the innocent) got a flat on his bike just outside of a monastery. A sympathetic monk seeing his predicament came out and invited Old Fred inside to have dinner and to spend the night. Fred stranded and knackered after a day’s fishing gladly accepted the monk’s kind offer.
That evening overwhelmed by the most magnificent dinner of fish and chips he had ever tasted, he decided to compliment the chef.  Entering the kitchen, he asked the cook, “Are you the “fish friar?” “No,” the chef replied, “I’m only the chip monk.”O Arr!

The wife’s not here, so I’m off to box the compass.   (how many “old salts” remember that?)

Tight lines

June Fishing Report

Well me Cockle Shell Heroes,

May and the beginning of June was like dropping  anchor in sunny Glasgow waiting for a break in the clouds which never came, but on the positive side, we are now proud to announce that the “Chalong Fishing Park” lake is now full to capacity and as “Jez” can’t quite yet afford to retire on the money from the new overflow pipe water, he would like to encourages all you local fisher-folks  to come visit, drink, or drop a line, and he will promise to stop his “rain dancing” which was so necessary as the new loch (Scottish for lake) settled down.

This brings me to the Native American I met last week. This cheeky, one eyed, Indian tried to tell me that he was also a pirate and went on to explain, he was half Eye Patchy. Lord, do they get worse?

After being accused a month or so ago of deviating from my remit of writing on the subject of “Fishing in Phuket” and as there’s not much happening at sea I thought this month I would venture into the realms of international politics, Mr Trump in particular.

Shiver me Timbers!

Having watched Trump’s maiden voyage to the Middle East and Europe and his childish refusal to listen to anything related to global climate change, it occurred to me this would be the perfect excuse for me to become a “political pirate” and try to defend Mother Nature against the ravages of this egotistical “Typhoid Mary” of a president who continues to give the rest of the world the “Black Spot” or in modern jargon “The Finger”, which could lead to the end of sea sports as we know them, as the sea floors turn to desert and ocean life, born in these dying nurseries, becomes extinct.

Taking the Andaman Sea as an example, we have to appreciate that this “shallow” sea is more vulnerable than most to the warming effects of climate change, and the coral bleaching around the Similan Islands a few years ago, was an obvious illustration, that global warming is a fact and not fiction which seriously affected our local diving /tourist businesses.

While the Thai authorities restrict visitors from certain marine national parks in a bid to conserve their irreplaceable treasures, more real and irreparable damage will be done to our reefs if America and other short-sighted countries continue to pump CO2 into the atmosphere.

Thailand’s Andaman Sea being tropical, given time could actually be the saviour of the oceans as there are Andaman Corals which can withstand small temperature increases beyond that which can be tolerated elsewhere, but I am even more pessimistic now than ever that science has the time to clone, graft or otherwise export this natural advantage to the rest of the world’s seas before the impending catastrophe where three quarters of the earth’s surface and 50% of our oxygen source  is decimated by a “Put America First” slogan.

Although I appreciate the argument that the world has seen dramatic temperature changes in the past, but Trump does not seem to comprehend these happened over a considerable timescale which allowed the sea-life to change and slowly adapt to present day conditions, but this “man-made” global change is happening at a rate of knots that even Mother Nature just can’t keep pace with.

It has to be appreciated, that ALL ecosystems are single intrinsic units and by killing any part of the system you destroy the entire structure.

To put things into perspective, it has been 3 million years since the CO2 content of the atmosphere was as high as it is right now, making 2015 “globally” the hottest year in recorded history and 2016 surpassing even that with projections for 2017 looking worse as our CO2 emissions continue unabated.

It’s crazy, President Trump on one hand enthusiastically supports and encourages the scientific community when it designs new and more devastating weapons of war, but when it comes to “climate change”, scientists are treated like hostile, political, opposition, who, like all politicians are more than capable of dishonesty and fabrication. However, “everyone” should know:-  Science is incapable of lying, as everything in science has to be proven and repeatable, with all the relevant information available and open to all. To me this only confirms that the American administration has a gaping crater in its logic, about the size of the hole in the ozone.

Until a few years ago any local fisherman could tell you what to fish to expect at any particular time of the year, as up until then fish were predictable, but this is no longer the case, so this, plus looking at the television news, or even just gazing out the window recently, convinces me that Mr Trump has got to get his head out of his stern – ASAP.

As usual, tight lines to all and get out there, while the going is “still” good.

November Fishing News

Chalong Fishing Park

Well shipmates, it seems to be unanimous, this has been the wettest “low” season anyone can remember and mid-month we had a “Super Moon”, the closest the moon has come to Earth in 70 years. While a full moon is often good for trolling, the early part of the month was very disappointing as regard catches. While divers reported lots of fish about, we fishermen apart from a few nice Sailfish, found pelagic fish few and far between and my personal theory was that the fresh water from all the rain we have been having was lying on the surface of the sea forcing the pelagic predators into the depths, as very few fish species can handle too much fresh water.

November also saw the grand opening of Chalong Fishing Park which while not being as “exotic” as some of the parks on the mainland, it has the big advantages of convenience and much more realistic prices for those of us who like to have rod in hand on a regular basis. The lake is surrounded by about a dozen Salas and the infrastructure includes an office, bar and swimming pool which makes the place very child friendly, I especially liked the “rope swing” chairs and hammocks which added to the chill-out atmosphere of the place.

The groundwork as regard plants, trees etc. will take some time to get established but it should not be too long before the remainder of the construction work is grassed over, which would be my only criticism of what will obviously become a first class venue worthy of recommendation.

While I was there, along with quite a few well-known local “worm wigglers” I was lucky enough to snap one of them landed a Mekong Cat which I estimated to be around 25k, a nice fish in anybody’s language. (Photo enc.)

And finally November is time for the annual P.I.S.T. Competition (Phuket International Sports-fishing Tournament) and not surprisingly; after taking the wind out of the opposition’s sails with staggering 9 Sailfish tally on the first day “Fish Eagle”- Capt. Andrew – and the “Fighting Irish” team went on to dominate the proceedings. From reports it looks like the fishing was extremely frustrating, with sailfish jumping everywhere and not biting, while the Wahoo and/or King Macs were regularly accused of slicing through steel trace. So it’s well done the boys from Cork. The Russian team “Ardent Anglers” came in with a good overall second place score, and our pals on “Thai 2 On” get a day ticket, for the whole team, to fish the “new” Chalong Fishing Park “as mentioned above” for landing the largest Wahoo, having caught the only two of the competition, a nice sponsorship gesture from “Jez” Wilson the owner/manager of the park. Full details of the competition are listed separately in the Phuket News.

So me hearties, that’s it for another month, tight lines to all.

Fresh Water Fishing

Chalong Fishing Park


Located in Rawai & close to Chalong, Kata and Karon

How Much?

See prices below
Contact us for bookings

How Many?

3 different packages (see below)

A Family Affair

Chalong Fishing Park is a small, family run and inexpensive fresh water fishing lake. The sort of place you can go for your breakfast and stay the day without checking with the bank. Many of the local anglers consider themselves as part of the furniture and even us “salties” turn up pretty regularly.

Jez Wilson the owner/manager along with his wife …….. go out of their way to make everyone welcome around their well-stocked lake which is home to many exotic species many of which come in around 40kgs.

For those who are new to fishing “fresh” warm water, Jez is a keen and very knowledgeable angler who is always happy to give advice and share his knowledge of the lake and its inhabitants.

For non-fishing customers including young children entry is free of charge and there is even a small “kiddies” pool and hammocks for that afternoon siesta.

Fun Fishing

Chalong Fishing Park is all about affordable "Fun Fishing" - a family friendly activity where kids under 12 are half price when fishing with an adult.

Fishing here is around a third of the price of many of Phuket's fishing parks with arguably higher catch rates. There are 3 different packages: full day (up to 12 hours) half day ( up to 6 hours) and a 3 hour session designed for walk in customers, novices and customers with children.

There are 20 different species of fish and more being added all the time, with several very good sized fish over 40 KG.

There is a fully stocked bar and a restaurant serving Thai and Western dishes right next to the lake as well as a small pool and showers.

Located in Rawai, it is very easily accessed from nearby Chalong, Kata and Karon and is only 20 minutes from Patong.

Mad about fresh water fishing
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Freshwater Fishing Prices























*some of these species were introduced as very small fish when the lake was first stocked in October 2016.

Freshwater fishing in Phuket









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All our trips require a 50% payment in advance, the balance to be paid on the day