Jimmy's Drift Inn


Ahoy Shipmates,

Once again welcome aboard the SS Jimmy’s Blogg.

I like October here in Phuket as the rain now falls mostly at night, leaving the air fresh and clean and, being still “low” season, the traffic, with the exception of the Chalong Circle “Saga”, is much easier to navigate than in our busy “high” season where worlds often collide as many tourists don’t seem to know what day it is, never mind what side of the road to drive on. Talk about the “Yellow Peril”!

Information:- Same as UK –LEFT- for all my friends in the cooler corners of our plastic coated planet.

Having read the Phuket News’s inaugural article from the “Puddle Jumper” up the road, I might be biased, but a magazine in a dentist’s surgery sprang to mind. How about fishing - things like: - “Maggots for live baiting or burly. Or - How to avoid opportunists nibbling on your bait”? I feel this would be much more pertinent and topical. But there again, what does a seventy year old “pirate” know about such things - writing, fishing and the-such.

I found these just too cute not to include in this month’s blog

Mid-month and the bilge pumps were once again running full tilt, pumping more rain water than sea - See that martinet Trump - ought to get keel-hauled over his attitude to our deteriorating weather conditions, one good thing though, just look at our sunsets between storms.

Jimmy’s Drift Inn like all the other bars has been very quiet, which is just as well since the local council decided to clean the roadside drains - and Thailand being what it is, it took a JCB, a mini equivalent, a 6 wheel lorry and a myriad of welly wearing Thais (and they call us Jocks “Sweaty Socks”). Amusing to watch but blocked the road for most of the day and now I know why the power cables are out of reach, as these guys are head down and go for it.

Jez at Chalong Fishing Park just advised us he has just upped his fish stocks by introducing 300kgs of Striped Cats and another 40 Mekong Cats. He is also “quite chuffed” as the lake just broke the 40kg barrier with a very nice Mekong. Not bad at all for such a new lake, keep up the good work M8.

As usual, tight lines to all,



Not to be confused with “Facebook’s” Fishing in Phuket an unprincipled, pond fishing outfit in Pang Na, well outside Phuket, who appropriated our web-site name, rather than use their own, to add credibility to their business when they were starting up.

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