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PST Fishing Tournament 2019 Review

Greetings me fellow fisheroos.

The beginning of the high season, if you can still call it that, brought about the annual PST fishing tournament which reported record amounts of Sailfish are continuing to frequent our waters, making for another “great” tournament.

Fewer boats than previous years and like many of the other boats “Mena 1” went out without a full complement, which I assume is just another negative symptom of the “strong” Baht, which is a pity as the fishing could not be better.

On the first two days “Hooker” on a fishing cat (not to be confused with “The Oilfield Hookers”) and the Fish Eagle teams continued to steam into a potential two seahorse race. Day 3 brought the competition to an end with No 1 “Hookers”  from the US of A, No 2 Team Fish Eagle and No 3 The oilfield Hookers who had a sprint finish due to my old pal George, another guest for the day, piling on the points with the only Marlin of the event.

As this is possibly my last chance before that irritating X Mass period I thought I would be the first to wish you all a Fishing Holiday when it’s all over and a happy New Year.

As usual tight lines to all


Header pic: My pal Warren on board “Mena 1” with one of the many Sailfish caught on PST 19.

Fishing xmas

February Fishing Report

As the regular consumers of Jimmy’s literary contributions to the Phuket News will appreciate, I believe water is the most essential element of life on earth, for without it we couldn’t go fishing.

Why do I mention this very obvious fact? Well, I’m completely cheesed off explaining to those city people who haven’t woken up to the reality of global warming yet and continue to ask me what kind of fish they can expect on a specific “holiday” date.

Folks, be advised, the world has changed, with all the wildlife including fish, trying to adapt to this man-made cockup, (which daily moves closer to a complete F.U.B. A.R. situation) as their and “our” environment continues to be sabotaged by insanity.

Animals are already avoiding the effects of warming by moving to higher altitudes and migratory species like birds and fish are now altering their traditional patterns of behavior to accommodate these changes that we, in our stupidity, have inflicted upon them.

Himalayan Griffins in Thailand and seagoing crocks and Killer Whales in Phuket waters are just a few of our local examples. Our ignorance is so profound few of us comprehend the scale of this impending disaster as we continue to pollute the atmosphere which in turn heats the oceans by melting the ice which would normally reflect the sun’s rays back into space, but now heats the melt-water by absorbing the sun’s rays along with the carbon in the Co2 emissions. This in turn kills plankton, the base of the ocean’s biggest food chain which affects everything up to and including whales, which are also targeted by our plastic waste not forgetting the nuclear radiation still spreading across the planet from the Japanese tsunami and previous nuclear disasters, all this while we continue the decimation of our planet’s lungs, The Amazon Jungle.

What kind of fishing can we expect on our holidays? From now on - don’t ask me, or someone who is meant to know - Tweet Trump, the man who sees global warming as mankind’s revenge on the iceberg that sunk the Titanic AND believes that you can reduce your carbon footprint by taking bigger steps.

Ask your elected representatives about the environment, as they pass insignificant laws to improve the nation’s health, with a great example coming from here in Phuket, as now you cannot smoke cigarettes on the beach as it’s environmentally unfriendly – yet untreated sewage still flows into Patong Bay killing coral and now to further display the hypocrisy, they propose building two new coal-fired power stations of 800mg and 2,000 megawatts. How many packets of these filthy cigarettes does that equate to, as they continue to give lip service to being environmentally friendly? 

Well at least their coal burning furnaces, in years to come, will make great fall-out shelters for the tornadoes to come and here’s a few other “positive” points to be made for global warming:- “No more weeding the garden / no more plants” - “Our Golfing pals will only need a putter and a sand wedge” -  “Steaks will be medium rare, on the hoof” - “Why pay for tattoos when melanoma's free?” and last but not least, “Nile Encephalitis: will not just be for Egyptians anymore.”

This month’s photo:- Neill, “another Jock”, with a good size King Mac caught mid-month from “M.V. Fish Eagle”. “Mena 1” also reported a Barracuda of 25kg, so although the fishing could only be described as “slow” there are a few big boys about.  The Chalong Fishing Park also advised me that their first Mekong Cat of over 40kgs had just been landed and to celebrate Jez added another 40 to his already well-stocked venue.

Well, that’s everything off my chest for at least a month so please ponder the thought: - “If you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything.”

Tight lines

Post Script..

Not for the first time in its short history Chalong Pier has once again proven that there is something seriously wrong with the administration running this comedy of errors. Even at the best of times chaos rules as the Chinese hoards fight to get on busses around 8am and 5pm, so does this mean these lemming like carpets of humanity will now be clambering over boats in order to reach their overcrowded excursions or is the marine dept. going to build an overpass while the underpass continues to sinks under the waves. Who built, designed and maintains this million Baht a month earner and where did they get their qualifications, Lego?  Would it be the same plonker who is running the now legendary “Chalong Circle Project” and who has decided, in their wisdom, to rub salt in the wounds of all those who regularly use Chalong’s premier tourist facility?  Obviously, once more, someone never heard the expression: - Don't spoil the ship for a ha'pworth of tar.

March Fishing Report

Phuket big game fishing

Matthias’s first Marlin – Over the moon on Mena 1Right! You Orrible lot,

After your comments on my last contribution, all I can say is:- “The beatings will continue, until moral is restored.” Nice to be a pirate, sometimes!

Well, now back to fishing, March started off with what could only be described as mediocre fishing, but fishing being fishing both “Dorado” “Mena 1” “Fish Eagle” and Mena 1 again all caught a “Marlin” within a few days of each other, which just goes to prove what a fickle sport big game fishing can be as there can’t be more than 20 people, in the last donkey’s years, who can claim a Marlin in local waters – and there’s four in a couple of weeks. Well done Andy B, Matthias, Andrew Inman with, I think, Russian Alex? Jay and his American mates.

After a very slow start the PF&BA can now boast a membership of 35 with 2 boats out early in the month and the new Chalong Fishing Park being their latest sponsors. So watch out for special offers from them, as I was talking to Jez who intimated he will be looking into “Junior Angler” days when Mum / Dad can teach junior the joys of fishing with the help of his excellent pond staff, as required, while the restaurant / bar staff look after your more mundane needs.

For ex-pats or regular visitors wishing a free “non-profit” membership or more information on joining the Phuket Fishing & Boating Association (PF&BA) contact: – Jimmy at Jimmy’s Drift Inn, Sai Yuan, Rawai or Jez at Chalong Fishing Park. Come and swap some whoppers!

Another one for “Fish Eagle”

Now – how about that ludicrous case of the Russian woman who spent two days in jail for feeding fish, does that mean we fishermen can’t use bait? Sounds crazy, but most baited hooks don’t catch a damn thing, as it gets eaten by smaller fish, around the size of what this Orrible “Russian” criminal was feeding. I can see it now, STOP PRESS:- “Mass arrests at Rawai Pier and all around the Phuket coastline, as 1000s get carted off to the brig.”

Or is it when you want to feed fish you must be holding a rod and reel? Is it FFT or TIT?

O Arrr! – sometimes when the water is quiet, you can almost hear the fish laughing.

Best advice – always be extra careful on a Friday, for then a weekend in the “monkey house” awaits the unwary (court etc.) who don’t have the cash or inclination to pay into this universally abused spot fine system.

FFT – Food For Thought and if you don’t know what TIT is, the Phuket News is far too advanced for you. O Arrr!
Now – have I missed anybody?

Tight lines all.

Chalong Fishing Park – A good sized Carp for “Islander” Will and friend
Chalong Fishing Park – A good sized Carp for “Islander” Will and friend

Superior Fishing Day Trips

Superior fishing Phuket

'Mena 1'

Racha Islands, Koh Rock, The Pinnacles & the Drop Off
How Much?
16,000 THB
(boat / day)
How Many?
Maximum 12 people
(5 or 6 fishing)

The Captain Says

MENA 1 is our best "DAY BOAT", with a BETTER "FISHING CREW" of 2, BETTER RODS & REELS and still at a "BUDGET PRICE"!

A newly fully refurbished Thai built boat – Mena One is the latest edition to our fleet.

This boat is now equipped to offer up to 6 anglers from all backgrounds a professional and enjoyable experience.

Our experienced and friendly crew – and experienced captain - all work to get the best from the equipment and boat in the effort to make the customers time on board a memorable experience.

The latest fishing equipment with a fully re-worked electrics system ensure that Mena 1 is up to date and ready to fish!

Mena 1 also has a selection of accessories with a spacious interior and quality amenities.

Mena 1 is a single engine day fishing boat with no onboard accommodation.

Lunch - a typical lunch is chicken & fried rice, fresh tuna we catch ourselves and fresh fruit
Soft drinks & chilling facilities
Not Included
Hotel pick-up & return service, although all hotels will organize a taxi for you & there is a taxi rank at Chalong Pier
Not Included
TIPPING - there are normally two Thai crew per boat and it is customary to leave a tip
Please note

All our trips require a 50% payment in advance, the balance to be paid on the day