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You can’t say it’s good without photo evidence

Well blister me barnacles.

As the seasonal Westerlies continue unabated, leaving little fishing news to speak of, except for the few brave souls who did go out and reported exceptionally good fishing continues, but returned with no photographic evidence, so I would once again like to turn your attention to “Ship’s Cookin”.

A few of you may remember my last venture into these culinary waters when I divulged the secret recipe for “Pirates Viagra”. Undoubtedly the editor will remember that treasured contribution now buried deep in the archives of the “Fishing in Phuket” website and place a link here, for all you “sports” fans – when he finishes playing with his block and tackle.

OK – let the “Buccaneering Baker” strike again:-

Have you ever noticed the fish tastes much better on a fishing boat, than in your spotless kitchen on land?  Many say. “It’s the sea air appetite, or the romance of the sea.” But muffle your oars at that one, M8ties – that be far from the full story. Arrr – TRUTH IS – Don’t ever clean your salt water fish under the tap “fresh” water! Nothing other than salt – On boats we never clean our fish in fresh water, “it’s a pirate sin” fresh draws all the natural flavours out of what will become a tasteless piece of fish. Only use salt, preferably sea water and the fish will retain a lot more of its natural flavour. Honest, take two fillets from the same fish and check out the difference for yourselves.

I figured it out years ago – Fresh water is bad for you – It’s a fact – apart from for what fish do in it, why do you think, “Pirates only drink Grog” and the odd tot o rum?  – Because, once upon a time, it was a lot safer than drinking the ship’s water. “Shiver me timbers”, us old pirates are just keeping up an old “sea-fairing” tradition.

As there are no impressive pictures relating to this month’s fishing, I thought a self -indulgent and nostalgic contribution would suffice:- So I give you a pic from “Anne T Boleyn” –  Seeing this print took me back about 60 years to when I was about 8 or 10, when I watched in horror as my Mum tucked her skirt into her knickers and jumped, knee deep, into a “nameless” river after a big Sea Trout that had taken her fly. First time I’d seen a female leg above the knee.  Arrr – “Once upon a time” – When the world was young, innocent and full o pirates, proving, once again, that not all pirates are bad.

Nelson and Drake, two of England’s favourite heroes, were at one time pirates of sorts, while the infamous Henry Morgan died of TB as Governor of Jamaica, and only us buccaneers know that Nelson having lost an arm at Santa-Cruz de Tenerife went on to invent the half nelson, which to this day is the preferred wrestling move for gay sailors.

Back to Phuket – The PST organizers (Phuket Sports-fishing Tournament – 22/25 Nov.) have just announced that the “Early Bird” discounted booking for this very popular competition is now open till the 31st October. Save 3,000 Baht on the 13,000 Baht entry fee, (for 4 anglers per boat) and support Walter and his helpers to keep this popular fishing attraction hale and hearty, under 15s, junior anglers, are free but must be registered as part of the team on registration night. Details  are available from El Presidente “Walter” at Phuket Sport-fishing Tournament which unfortunately seems to be only available on “Facebook” as I can’t find a relevant web site, but further details are available from Walter at:- phuket.tournament@gmail.com

Looking to the future I have it on good authority that next year will see considerable improvement in the weather as the El Nino affect has now passed until next time nature decides to bring us floods and fires in a bid to educate us lunatics into keelhauling the “3Ps” – Pollution, Plastics and Politicians.

Tight lines to all.

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