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Fishing News Phuket March 2014

Well my fellow Ofishinados, these unrelenting winds refuse to leave our shores and persist much later, beyond the seasonal mid-day doldrums, making our sport much more challenging and downright uncomfortable at times with plenty of burley “sea-sick”, knitting “tangled lines” to the uninitiated and permanently wet shorts. On the few breaks, earlier in the Month, tuna were in abundance the largest around 3k but no reports of anything exceptional although something serious took a big lump out of a tuna we were reeling in.

There are still ripples on the water from last month’s RBFC Fishing Competition as stories continue to rise to the surface. NO, I don’t believe it was THAT big. “Between the eyes”, No Way!

Just after St. Paddy’s day we were out again with some friends from Singapore, the weather was overcast with slight wind, perfect conditions, and we landed around 40 Tuna before changing lures and searching for the big ones which refused the abundance of Tuna belly we offered on our troll lines. A great day was had by all despite the absence of screaming reels.

My birthday party is scheduled for April, and NO, I am not changing my pen-name to “The Ancient Mariner” as was mooted by so many young upstarts at the Drift Inn, I’m sticking with “Cast Away”, although, being Scots, I did like “Jock Cousteau”.

Cracking sailfish caught during the fishing tournamentI’m pleased to announce, Wahoo 4 is back in the water after a full refit and is once again available to the RBFC “Rawai Beach Fishing Club” on the last Sunday of each month as part of Wahoo’s continuing sponsorship of the club. Thanks guys, a great job and much appreciated.

Staying with boats, the fishing bargain of the month has to be “4 Reel” which is up for sale after sickening her owner by sinking at anchor in the last big storm. So if any of you locals with time on their hands and a reasonable amount of Baht want to land themselves a real good deal, let me know and I will pass on your interest. She is / was one of my very favorite boats, fast, maneuverable and very comfortable. I sincerely hope she will not be a sad loss to the Phuket fishing fleet.

Back to the ongoing chronicles of Chalong Pier, I see that the powers that be have added corruption to their problems of corrosion and pitiful constructions. It also beggars belief that the officer in charge of Chalong Police Station “knew nothing” of his station being used as part of the extortion racket; he’s obviously not a detective.

As usual, tight lines to all.


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