September Blues

I was advised this month that my literary talents, which I shared with the local newspaper, were no longer required, as they had found an advertiser who will “actually pay” to take over my monthly fishing column for the Phuket News. So, as of this month that’s me finished, now it’s not me you protest to when you drift in to The Drift Inn.

With the boats staying in port recently, a pirate captain of my acquaintance ordered one of his crew to “walk the plank” because poor guy couldn’t afford a dog.

Although the fishing charter business is slower than usual, which now between storms is mostly due to the lack of customers, fishing has been superb with Sailfish cuing to be caught, probably due to the bad weather which means the commercial boats have to anchor-up making the fish stocks noticeably higher, all except Wahoo which have been strangely absent for well over a year now. Anyone have a theory?

How’s about this - a great name for a speedboat, talk about “high” in the water.

Early on in the month we had a visit from five ladies from the US of A who I introduced to the local Sea Gypsies and generally took under my wing, a great time was had by all, including me. Thanks Guys for the enclosed note, most appreciated:

Finally, congratulations to Jez from Chalong Fishing Park on catching his first Marlin, fishing is always better after a good stir up. Nice to see a freshwater guy braving the briny. Well done M8.


So, as usual, as we wait for the hurricane season to pass.

Tight lines to all,

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