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Phuket Sports-fishing Tournament Nov 2019

PST fishing tournament 2019

Phuket Sports-fishing Tournament (PST)

20 - 23 November 2019 Chalong Bay, Phuket, Thailand

The major big game fishing competition of the year and as such is very popular, so please book your boat early to avoid disappointment. Contact Us for details >

Sailfish Abound in the “PST” Fishing Comp.

Ardent Anglers team

Ahoy Maties,

Now, half way through the first month of “high” season and the wind and rain continue to reflect the world’s changing weather patterns. Fortunately, stormy conditions seem to favor the fish, well at least here in Phuket - slap dab in the middle of Thailand’s Andaman Sea, the nursery of the Indian Ocean.

November is always an easy month to write about due to our annual fishing competition feeding me lots of seasonable “stocking fillers” and the 22nd saw the start of the PST competition (Phuket Sports-fishing Tournament) which last year saw Fish Eagle running away with it and judging from their recent fishing repots once again looking favorite, but fishing’s fishing and there are some seriously able hands out there.

Day one confirmed that fishing was excellent with the first three boats amassing nearly 900 points and Fish Eagle, as predicted, taking 500 of these in order to keep their bow in front of the rest of the fishing fraternity. While Jez from “Chalong Fishing Park”, on board Thai 2 On and in the height of a squall, helped them squeeze into second place with his first Sailfish, apparently he was over the moon – yea I bet that made a change from Tilapia. 555

Andrew, skipper of Fish Eagle
The oilfield hookers

Another pal Laust Bendiksen, (who seems to be some kind of lucky charm) and a keen international fisherman went out as a guest on the first day with the Russian Team (Ardent Anglers) followed, the next day by the favorites “Fish Eagle” crewed the Irish Team with US and Chinese help - Team (Fish Eagle) And to show you what a fluky flounder he is, on the last day he coached our old shipmates on “Thai 2 On” Team (Oilfield Hookers) who came in 3rd with the other two boats coming 1st (Fish Eagle) and 2nd (Ardent Anglers). Laust reported three very different and enjoyable days on Phuket’s premier fishing competition, vowing, like McArthur, to return.

Joke of the week – is still the Chalong Circle.

As usual, tight lines all round

You can’t say it’s good without photo evidence

Well blister me barnacles.

As the seasonal Westerlies continue unabated, leaving little fishing news to speak of, except for the few brave souls who did go out and reported exceptionally good fishing continues, but returned with no photographic evidence, so I would once again like to turn your attention to “Ship’s Cookin”.

A few of you may remember my last venture into these culinary waters when I divulged the secret recipe for “Pirates Viagra”. Undoubtedly the editor will remember that treasured contribution now buried deep in the archives of the “Fishing in Phuket” website and place a link here, for all you “sports” fans – when he finishes playing with his block and tackle.

OK – let the “Buccaneering Baker” strike again:-

Have you ever noticed the fish tastes much better on a fishing boat, than in your spotless kitchen on land?  Many say. “It’s the sea air appetite, or the romance of the sea.” But muffle your oars at that one, M8ties – that be far from the full story. Arrr – TRUTH IS – Don’t ever clean your salt water fish under the tap “fresh” water! Nothing other than salt – On boats we never clean our fish in fresh water, “it’s a pirate sin” fresh draws all the natural flavours out of what will become a tasteless piece of fish. Only use salt, preferably sea water and the fish will retain a lot more of its natural flavour. Honest, take two fillets from the same fish and check out the difference for yourselves.

I figured it out years ago – Fresh water is bad for you – It’s a fact – apart from for what fish do in it, why do you think, “Pirates only drink Grog” and the odd tot o rum?  – Because, once upon a time, it was a lot safer than drinking the ship’s water. “Shiver me timbers”, us old pirates are just keeping up an old “sea-fairing” tradition.

As there are no impressive pictures relating to this month’s fishing, I thought a self -indulgent and nostalgic contribution would suffice:- So I give you a pic from “Anne T Boleyn” –  Seeing this print took me back about 60 years to when I was about 8 or 10, when I watched in horror as my Mum tucked her skirt into her knickers and jumped, knee deep, into a “nameless” river after a big Sea Trout that had taken her fly. First time I’d seen a female leg above the knee.  Arrr – “Once upon a time” – When the world was young, innocent and full o pirates, proving, once again, that not all pirates are bad.

Nelson and Drake, two of England’s favourite heroes, were at one time pirates of sorts, while the infamous Henry Morgan died of TB as Governor of Jamaica, and only us buccaneers know that Nelson having lost an arm at Santa-Cruz de Tenerife went on to invent the half nelson, which to this day is the preferred wrestling move for gay sailors.

Back to Phuket – The PST organizers (Phuket Sports-fishing Tournament – 22/25 Nov.) have just announced that the “Early Bird” discounted booking for this very popular competition is now open till the 31st October. Save 3,000 Baht on the 13,000 Baht entry fee, (for 4 anglers per boat) and support Walter and his helpers to keep this popular fishing attraction hale and hearty, under 15s, junior anglers, are free but must be registered as part of the team on registration night. Details  are available from El Presidente “Walter” at Phuket Sport-fishing Tournament which unfortunately seems to be only available on “Facebook” as I can’t find a relevant web site, but further details are available from Walter at:-

Looking to the future I have it on good authority that next year will see considerable improvement in the weather as the El Nino affect has now passed until next time nature decides to bring us floods and fires in a bid to educate us lunatics into keelhauling the “3Ps” – Pollution, Plastics and Politicians.

Tight lines to all.

Phuket Fishing January 2017

Random fishing picture

Ahoy me Hearties,

The main topic of conversation at the beginning of the month remained to be the weather, as the “winter” continued to encroach on what should be “summer” leaving much of the South of Thailand under water and conditions at sea – sure flushed the scuppers.

It’s quite common for the local fishermen to be asked “What’s in season?” Which at one time was quite a reasonable question but now with the massive changes in the weather, whether it be El Niño, global warming or a natural cycle no one has told the fish which quite frankly, are not too bright, in my case, with the odd exception. The one that got away!

For posterity, in case things never change back to normal, “bill fish” Marlin and Sailfish are usually here in the first and last 2/3 months of the year along with most of the other “prise” fish such as Wahoo and King Mackerel who tend to arrive and depart about a month or two behind their pointy nosed pals. While Tuna, long and short fin, (Albacore and Skip Jack) are here intermittently all the year round with their larger cousins, (Yellow Fin. Big Eye and Dog tooth) popping up on occasion, just to confuse the issue.

So my advice, right now, is get out there, for the “weird” weather, in relation to local fishing, has never been better, proving the point that “It’s an ill wind that blows nobody any good.”

PIST fishing tournamentStill with the unusual consequences of climate change, the Fish of the Month prize goes to Ian of Thai 2 On who landed a Yellow Fin Tuna the first that’s been heard of in these waters for as long as I can remember. This makes a change from congratulating Fish Eagle on their long run of Sailfish targeting which didn’t slow down any, after they ran away with the trophies on the P.I.S.T. competition. And while we’re on about the Phuket International Sports-fishing Tournament , (Sponsored by the Phuket News) it has just been announced that the our next chance to compete will be the 22nd to the 25th November, As I assume it will be a 3 day affair as usual I would also assume the 22nd is the registration date. For further information please contact Michael Hochgeladen on 081 719 5766.

I was glad to see an end to 2016 but now I would like to add January 17 to that list as the weather and Thailand’s internal affairs continued to unsettle small businesses, as the “quality” tourist market continues to shrink despite all the “positive” propaganda issued by the relevant authorities. The “powers that be” just can’t hide the fact that their advertising attracted the wrong type of clientele meaning that little or nothing was done for the bread and butter businesses of Phuket while their counterparts in the roads department continued to dig holes in our little corner of paradise.

Tight lines to all.

November Fishing News

Chalong Fishing Park

Well shipmates, it seems to be unanimous, this has been the wettest “low” season anyone can remember and mid-month we had a “Super Moon”, the closest the moon has come to Earth in 70 years. While a full moon is often good for trolling, the early part of the month was very disappointing as regard catches. While divers reported lots of fish about, we fishermen apart from a few nice Sailfish, found pelagic fish few and far between and my personal theory was that the fresh water from all the rain we have been having was lying on the surface of the sea forcing the pelagic predators into the depths, as very few fish species can handle too much fresh water.

November also saw the grand opening of Chalong Fishing Park which while not being as “exotic” as some of the parks on the mainland, it has the big advantages of convenience and much more realistic prices for those of us who like to have rod in hand on a regular basis. The lake is surrounded by about a dozen Salas and the infrastructure includes an office, bar and swimming pool which makes the place very child friendly, I especially liked the “rope swing” chairs and hammocks which added to the chill-out atmosphere of the place.

The groundwork as regard plants, trees etc. will take some time to get established but it should not be too long before the remainder of the construction work is grassed over, which would be my only criticism of what will obviously become a first class venue worthy of recommendation.

While I was there, along with quite a few well-known local “worm wigglers” I was lucky enough to snap one of them landed a Mekong Cat which I estimated to be around 25k, a nice fish in anybody’s language. (Photo enc.)

And finally November is time for the annual P.I.S.T. Competition (Phuket International Sports-fishing Tournament) and not surprisingly; after taking the wind out of the opposition’s sails with staggering 9 Sailfish tally on the first day “Fish Eagle”- Capt. Andrew – and the “Fighting Irish” team went on to dominate the proceedings. From reports it looks like the fishing was extremely frustrating, with sailfish jumping everywhere and not biting, while the Wahoo and/or King Macs were regularly accused of slicing through steel trace. So it’s well done the boys from Cork. The Russian team “Ardent Anglers” came in with a good overall second place score, and our pals on “Thai 2 On” get a day ticket, for the whole team, to fish the “new” Chalong Fishing Park “as mentioned above” for landing the largest Wahoo, having caught the only two of the competition, a nice sponsorship gesture from “Jez” Wilson the owner/manager of the park. Full details of the competition are listed separately in the Phuket News.

So me hearties, that’s it for another month, tight lines to all.

The Thailand Classic 2017

Thailand Classic 2017 fishing tournament

Once again me Hearties the weather kept the boats mainly in port and the fishing was as fickle as a catching a good internet connection.

Thailand Classic 2017 Fishing TournamentI have it on good authority that next years “Classic 17” Fishing Competition is altering its venue from the Similan Islands, (outside the exclusion zone), to an area outside Chalong Bay encompassing “all” the local  hotspots Green Island, The Rachas, The Drop-off and for anyone wishing to “overnight” Koh Ha / Roc and Hin Dang.

The organizers advise me this was done to allow a bigger choice of boats, including “open” and single engine craft and therefore more flexible pricing for Thailand’s premier Big Game competition. So it’s everything from Gin Palace luxury to bare boards “roughing it” on a ‘budget” boat although I am waiting on information regarding a mother-ship, and landings information.

It is expected that the “live-aboards” will stay at sea for the duration of this three day event which will get underway at 8am on the 1st of March 2017 from Chalong Pier, while the smaller boats are welcome to bribe and corrupt their crews to stay out as long as they like in order not to miss the dusk Sailfish runs, or even sleep rough off one of the islands, which would be my preference on a Mena “budget” boat.

All the sponsors for the previous 8 years are once again on board including the Phuket News and the Kan Eang Pier Restaurant who will once again be offering their sensational seafood buffet at the prize giving on the 4th of March which will, as usual, be all inclusive including wine and beer.

With seven months to go there are already 12 confirmed teams.

Although not finalized, hopefully the registration will once again be held at Mad Mohally’s, “famous fishing bar” in Rawai on February the 28th.

The rules will be as the previous 8 years and will be available from Warren Crowe at along with any registration or boat enquiries you may have and with a dozen already registered most of the better over-night boats are already booked, so it’s worth an e-mail.

Fingers crossed the weather improves and next month I will be able to once again keep you up to date on what the local fishing is like.


Tight lines to all.

June Fishing News

Phuket Big Game Fishing

Well Shipmates

That’s us passed the second month of the monsoon season (June) and once again conditions meant fishing was limited to a few days between some pretty serious squalls. I am often asked “What’s the best time of the year for fishing.”  To which I regularly reply. “Get out when you can. Fishing is the most popular participant sport in the world because it’s a “no lose” activity, you either catch or you learn. Either way it’s better than being scuppered in dry dock.”

There are so many forms of fishing that there’s something for everyone, from a pole off the end of the pier to what I consider the pinnacle of our sport “Big Game Fishing” for billfish which here in Phuket means Sailfish or if you’re lucky Marlin. While I appreciate there are those who would disagree and would explain how “Fly Fishing” is on the verge of being an art form, while others, mostly HK and Singapore types, frantically “Jig” their way to exhaustion.

Fresh water (river and lake), salt water, beach casting and even ice fishing are all just a few examples of recreational fishing. Beyond this there are all the different methods for each, add to that your knots and your tackle and it’s a hobby that lasts a lifetime. They say fishermen catch fish and tackle shops catch fishermen.  Yes it’s all part of the biggest game in the world.

Joke of the month

image no name no description

“Thailand’s sole deep-water tsunami-warning buoy is out of action and will not be replaced until November, but is no cause for alarm, the National Disaster Warning Center (NDWC) told The Phuket News today (June 20)”. On making further enquiries as regard the NDWC comment, I was told. “Their I.Q. results turned out negative, so everything must be fine”. 555

Also in the news

We have once again been visited by one of the best “line” fishermen on the planet, the infamous Portuguese Man-O-War. Contrary to popular belief the Man-O-War or Bluebottle as the Asian / Pacific variety is called, is not a jellyfish, but another strange creature called a Siphonophoce which has a bladder for a sail and stinging tentacles “fishing lines” of up to 30 meters long hanging from its keel. Last year as I was pulling in a hand line there was a very small amount of “snot” on the line which touched the heel of my hand and believe me you know when you have met one of these painful playmates. It was like getting lashed with the cat (Cat-O-Nine tails, pirate punishment) and I only experienced a tiny amount of tentacle on my line. I can’t imagine swimming into one, shiver me timbers. Even dead, washed up on the beach, be aware they are still dangerous with some countries even closing beaches when they arrive. 10,000 Aussies every year go through this painful ordeal, proving what a hardy lot they are. Another great reason for turtle conservation as turtles eat Men-O-War (or is it Man-O-Wars)?

Fishing club news

Early in the month the PGFC (Phuket Game Fishing Club) had an emergency meeting which to all intents and purposes met to discuss the resignation of Warren Crowe who has run ‘’OUR” fishing competition since its conception. While the election of office bearers was deferred to the end of the month, it was decided the club would carry on running the competition. When asked why he resigned, Warren replied “I have run the competition with little or no help from the committee and all I got in return was derisory and possibly slanderous remarks, so I decided to run the competition independently of the club, and the club is welcome to join in or do what it likes. I already have 10 boats booked and confirmed for the 1/2/3rd March for the Thailand 2017 Classic and have the biggest sponsor to date, plus as usual, the Phuket News.” Does anyone else believe in the old adage? A camel is a horse, designed by a committee?   Watch this space.

Tight lines to all


Thailand 2017 “Classic” Sport Fishing Tournament

Come & join us on 1st -3rd March 2017 for our 8th successive Year of 3 non-stop days of fishing in Asia’s Premium Sport Fishing Tournament.

Fish the beautiful waters off Phuket. Including Koh Rok Islands and their bounty of “billfish” or run out to the “drop off” chasing a big pelagic.

Then troll back to Racha Islands and watch the “dance” of the sail fish. Don’t forget to Tag & Release them>>>>

Celebrate your trophy winning fish with us at our Presentation Dinner at the fabulous Kan Eang Pier Restaurant

for a sumptuous seafood buffet with free flowing wine & beer.

Where you can tell your story of the “one” that did not get away!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huge cash & prizes to be won. Including magnificent trophies.

For further information, & boats available.

Please email Warren Crowe at

December Fishing News 2015

Hi once again me fellow fisheroos.

Mid December continued to see some quite serious storms despite the tourism chappie’s claims that it’s now “high” season. Probably a better term would be the “Kite Boarders” windy spring.

Ignoring “Christmas” as it is now politically incorrect in my country to mention “Christmas” in case I offend someone, so I decided instead of talking about CHRISTMAS and the fish we catch, this month I thought I would write about “bait fish” the main reason why the Andaman Sea is nicknamed “The Nursery of the Indian Ocean”.

flying fishFirstly anyone who has ever swabbed the decks or lay sunbathing on the bow of any boat here off Phuket must have seen the amazing “Flying Fish” which abound in most tropical and sub-tropical waters. I was surprised to learn there are over 40 species of Flying Fish some with 4 “wings” just like a bi-plane. These fish although not eaten here are a main staple with the larger predator fish from Marlin to Dorado and also in many “foreign” restaurants. It is also the national fish/bird of Barbados being on their stamps, coins, coat of arms and eaten in most restaurants. The sad thing is, due to pollution they no longer frequent Barbadian waters and this caused a lot of friction between Trinidad / Tobago and Barbados when their fishing fleet went into Trinidadian waters in search of their favourite delicacy which they had inadvertently chased away. Thailand take note, there should be a lesson there somewhere, as thousands of locals lost their Flying Fish related businesses.

The other main source of food in the Andaman Sea is the Squid and many tourists visiting Phuket wonder what all the lights on the horizon are, when they first arrive. That’s the Squid fishing fleet using powerful lights to attract this other amazing creature. Called “Calamari” on your hotel menu Squid is a favourite food world-wide and the lights you see in the distance are competing with all our large predator fish for their livelihood. There are over 300 different species of Squid and the local Sea Gypsies know exactly which one to put on their hooks to catch specific “bottom” fish such as Snapper Grouper Etc. When I used the word amazing I possibly should have said bizarre, as the Squid has a beak, 8 arms and 2 methods of propulsion one of which is jet power. It is both predator and prey and uses its ability to chance colour to both hide and hunt. When attacked this wierdo of the deep can even squirt “ink” in the face of an aggressor before jetting off, and I have it on good authority that some species also “fly”.

Man goes into Mr. Moo’s shop on Chaofa Rd. East and asks for a rod and reel for his wife. Mr Moo replied. “We give a 15% discount to PGFC club members, but we don’t do trade-ins”.

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year, keep yer lines tight and yer rods up. Arr Arr Arr (pirate for Ho Ho Ho)